May 25, 2020
Moon Underfoot
Posted by Bobby Cole

Eighteen months ago, stockbroker Jake Crosby and his daughter Katy narrowly survived a living nightmare at a remote Alabama hunting camp To save Katy, Jake killed two men men who were friends and business associates of notorious outlaw and drug runner Ethan Moon Pie Daniels That night, Moon Pie made a blood promise of revenge And in Moon Pie s dark world of violence,Eighteen months ago, stockbroker Jake Crosby and his daughter Katy narrowly survived a living nightmare at a remote Alabama hunting camp To save Katy, Jake killed two men men who were friends and business associates of notorious outlaw and drug runner Ethan Moon Pie Daniels That night, Moon Pie made a blood promise of revenge And in Moon Pie s dark world of violence, such promises are always kept.Jake Crosby doesn t regret what he did that night he knows it was kill or be killed But he can t shake the feeling that the horror isn t over, that Katy and his wife, Morgan, aren t yet safe and that retribution is coming All he knows for sure is that he will do anything everything to protect his family That s a vow the dangerous Moon Pie will put to the ultimate test on a cold, moonless night deep in the heart of a river swamp.This riveting follow up to Bobby Cole s heart stopping thriller The Dummy Line deftly explores the perils of revenge and the profound power of a husband and father s love.

  • Title: Moon Underfoot
  • Author: Bobby Cole
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  • Page: 219
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  • Moon Underfoot Eighteen months ago stockbroker Jake Crosby and his daughter Katy narrowly survived a living nightmare at a remote Alabama hunting camp To save Katy Jake killed two men men who were friends and busi


    I read to my husband on long car trips, and read him The Dummy Line last year which he enjoyed. Moon Underfoot is the sequel to that book, so again, we read it as a holiday car trip book. It's light and fun, with some action/drama here and there. There is nothing ground breaking or particularly original in this book, but it is a likable enough story.


    Not as great as the first bookunrealistic dialogues, build-ups not paying off, and unsatisfactory characterizations.ill, it is a testament to the author's ability and the spine of the plot that it is possible to be invested in the story despite all the shortcomings. Worth a read.

    Anne Hill

    OkayThis book dragged a bit. The 1st book in the series was crisper, More action and suspense. There are too many characters and storylines in this book all trying to mesh together. Some editing would have made this a better read.

    Steve Warsap

    A good 2nd book by Bobby Cole the sequel to The Dummy line, easy to read, easy to follow all the characters and keeps you nicely in suspense. Recommend fo a good easy read, that will keep you gripped throughout the book.

    Bob Frager

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    Allen G.

    What a great book! I loved how it jumped from person to person and each of their stories. Most of the time I don't like that, but he Cole slowly connected them all together me for an even more amazing story! Please read Dummy Line first seeing as how it's the book before this oneI didn't. I don't think it takes away from this book, but it is referenced A LOT in this book!


    Bobby Cole's "Moon Underfoot" (Thomas &Mercer 2012) is a light-hearted crime novel with lots of drama always softened by quirky characters, unbelievable circumstances, and humorous asides. Tom Clancy won't worry about the competition, but readers who want a page-turning story that keeps them off the edge of their chair and and up at night until the last page will be thrilled with this story.It starts as a typical mystery/thriller: Jake Crosby and his daughter Katie narrowly escaped death at [...]

    James Jackson

    This is the follow-up novel to The Dummy Line. I did think this book stood well on its own and I did not feel I needed to read its predecessor first.The novel involves a number of interrelated story lines. I found the writing style wanting, with numerous data dump passages providing either a tourist's guide to the area or explanation of what happened in the eighteen months since the first book.I do not care for head-hopping passages, which appears to be Cole's style.Others have noted in their re [...]


    My five year old and my two year old were playing with my Kindle Fire. They downloaded the Daily Deal from and so I was stuck owning this book.But I read it anyway. I wanted to see what their literary taste was like. I was not really impressed with my kids on this score.This is a sophmore novel from Bobby Cole revisiting characters fromThe Dummy Line. I did not readThe Dummy Line so I had no investment in the central characters. And I didn't think Cole developed them enough to make me really ca [...]


    This is the second book in the Jake Crosby series, though it's not strictly a Jake Crosby book. The first 2/3 of the book mostly follows other characters while checking in on Jake. We learn more about Moon Pie, the survivor of the first book who is still seeking revenge against Jake. We learn about his criminal enterprise, his half brother Levi who works at his gold pawn shop, and his coworker Bailey.We also learn about Sebastian, Bernard and Walter, nursing home residents with schemes to steal [...]


    I checked this book out of the kindle lending library. I'm not really sure what genre you would put his one in. I suppose it's a suspense novel with family drama mixed in.It would help a lot I think if you read the first book. This one can still be read as a stand alone, but my impression is this is a sequel.Jake and his family are trying to move on after a traumatizing experience. But, Jake is feeling restless. A group of bored elderly men decide to spice up their lives by committing robberies [...]


    Although ultimately enjoyable, I think this suffered with pace issues. I felt that some sections of the book flew by and others I struggled to keep going.The problem, for me, was the multiple story arcs. It was more like a mix of short stories with small links that could have been better broken up rather than squeezing into the same book.The other problem was that for a "Jake Crosby Thriller" Jake was probably the one character that could have been taken out completely. Until the last few chapte [...]


    My reasons for not loving this book have nothing to do with the author. The book is simply not to my taste. This particular novel reads more like a tourism brochure for Alabama and Mississippi than creative prose. Little bits of scenic commentary are inserted throughout. Although it is categorized a "Thriller", personally I prefer my thrillers quite a bit more thrilling.For those of you who don't care for Reacher novels, Scarpetta, or Temperance Brennan, you might like this easy thriller. It is [...]


    I have now read 'The Dummy Line', 'Moon Underfoot' and 'The Rented Mule'. I truly enjoyed reading all! In my opinion, I thought the author done a good job with the storyline and I had pictures come to mind of scenes as I read. Moon Underfoot continued where The Dummy Line left off. I truly enjoyed all of Mr. Cole's books. I will continue to look for books by this author. I had a hard time putting each book down. I read while walking and I walk twice a day. My workouts went by fast because these [...]


    Jake Crosby and his family are again being stalked by another criminal known as Moon Pie and was an associated of two men that Jake killed (in The Dummy Line). Moon Pie’s desire for revenge overtakes his desire to make big bucks on enormous drug deal.If you ever wanted to know what life is like for the protagonist after a novel ends, you can read how Jake lives in fear and eighteen months after the previous story ends. I enjoyed The Dummy Line and Jake, but this second story has various story [...]


    This is a great book. I like Bobby Cole. He has a slightly different style, but it is refreshing. This book had a lot of stories that had to come together. Drug lords, old men, Moon Pie, Levi, Jake, his family, a lawyer and a few others I can't remember. If you try to read this book in short bits of time it would be very confusing and difficult to keep all the stories straight.I liked the ending and ***spoiler alert ****I wasn't sad to see Moon Pie die! He was just evil! This book is clean and w [...]

    Francis T. Villante

    Moon danceMoon dancethis book was a fun read. it revolves around drug smuggling, a retirement home crime ring trying to be a modern day Robin hood and a family being stalked by a career criminal. The author was able to tie it all together but with probably a couple to many characters. it kept me turning the pages until I was done. I would,definitely recommend it for a fun and easy read.

    Jeannie Lemley

    Moon Underfootother excellent book by Bobby Cole! Read The Dummy Line first, this Book follows that story line, but soon twists & turns in all sorts of directions! A real page turner! And I just happened to be traveling south as I began The Dummy Line, ending up in Mississippi, right where these two books took place!! Amazing!! I highly recommend both books, and any other book by author Bobby Cole!


    I started reading this book because I live in the same town as the author and am familiar with all of the places he mentions. The first Jake Crosby novel, The Dummy Line, was not my favorite type of read, so I was pleasantly surprised when I was unable to put Moon Underfoot down! I highly recommend this novel if you love a good thriller, if you live near West Point, Mississippi, or if you enjoy local history.


    This one is hard to rate and even harder to write a review about. I did find out this is a sequel to another book by Bobby Cole. That may have affected what I think.It's not your typical mystery, and some parts were unbelievable. Many of the characters were shallow, unsavory and unlikeable. Chapters (more than 100) were short and darted around from scene to scene. But, all in all I liked the "different-ness" of the book.


    A good southern thriller.I have read the Dummy Line and Liked this book just as well.The characters are very interesting and make the story.Since the good guys win over the bad guys it is a feel good book.I also enjoy the setting of Alabama. I live in New England but vacation in Alabama and enjoy the gulf area of that state.A lot of the southern personality shines through in the book.A thoroughly enjoyable book.

    Jeff Dickison

    This is a schizophrenic book. The action scenes are well done, but the characters are just not right. The hero is a dumb ass, the number one bad guy is almost laughably unbelievable, the old guys convert back and forth too easily from robbers to good guys, and the heroes life is saved almost totally by coincidence. That said, overall, it was okay. Could have been much better.

    Rita McDowell

    EXCELLENT!EXCELLENT!This book definitely grabs your attention and keeps it to the very end! Strongly recommend that you read the books in order since this one continues the lives of the characters from the first story. Excellent and entertaining and you will have trouble putting it down! Love this book!


    Cole continues the Jake Crosby saga. A member of the gang is out for revenge when Jake killed his friends while saving his daughters, a girls, and his life. Set in West Point and Columbus, MS. Hometown stomping ground. was not quite as riveting as Dummy Line, but was a good sequel ending in a thriller note. I look forward to reading his next novel.

    Walt Mccluskey

    Moon UnderfootMoon UnderfootFascinating use of multiple story lines that all eventually tied together to make a very interesting read. A good story but also a confusing one in that the "hero" didn't really do anything smart or outstanding that created a good ending. Do all of Cole's Jake Cosby thrillers go this way?

    Ava Swayze

    I found this sequel to The Dummy Line to be contrived and plodding in pace. In terms of capturing the character of the South, I feel that the author managed to bring out all of the least desirable, most obnoxious aspects of life in the South. Except for my compulsive need to complete books that I have started, I would have abandoned this one half-way through. C-

    John P. Keach

    Fast moving adventureFast moving adventureThis book will keep you guessing as plot lines twist and turn.A variety of characters, both good bad, are well developed. This book maintains its fast pace from beginning to end. If you like crime novels with plenty of action, you will love this book.

    Carolyn Dewalt

    Continuous ActionHaving read and enjoyed the Dummy Line I bought this Jake Crosby thriller. And was pleased to find another good story. there were several subplots that all nicely merged at the end. also nice to read what I call a clean mystery as there was little bad language or sex. Just a fast moving and engrossing story.

    Gretchen Sartori

    Another great Jake Crosby thriller with even more likable characters!Although this story was a little far fetched, I couldn't help but be drawn in by the lovable characters. Just the right amount of suspense with some good humor mixed in made for a fun read.

    Janice Traynor

    Another heart stopper from Bobby ColeEnjoyed every chapter. Keeps the reader in suspense throughout. Struggled again with some colloquialisms which aren't in any dictionaries so you have to use your imagination!

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