May 30, 2020
Killing Wall Street
Posted by Sanjay Sanghoee

KILLING WALL STREET is a timely thriller about the terrible consequences of corporate greed and the unimaginable power of working class rage Catherine is a working class single mother whose life is spiraling out of control Her husband has left her, her daughter thinks she is a failure, her job is in jeopardy, and her savings have evaporated after the financial crisis WhKILLING WALL STREET is a timely thriller about the terrible consequences of corporate greed and the unimaginable power of working class rage Catherine is a working class single mother whose life is spiraling out of control Her husband has left her, her daughter thinks she is a failure, her job is in jeopardy, and her savings have evaporated after the financial crisis When an arrogant banker whom she is dating betrays her trust and threatens to ruin her completely, she decides that she has had enough, and plots a shocking revenge against the system that has victimized her.Special Agent Michael Sands, a rising star in the FBI, is fresh off a terrorism case when he is put in charge of an unusual investigation Someone is killing high profile CEOs, bankers and lawyers connected with a multi billion dollar merger, and the killer is a step ahead of law enforcement every time When Wall Street begins to panic at the murders, the race is on to catch the phantom killer But as Michael investigates, he discovers that the victims were all hiding a deadly secret one that involves a conspiracy of the highest order and which threatens to corrupt and destroy our democracy forever.The stakes keep escalating for both Catherine and Michael as they encounter the frightening reality of financial power, and are confronted with impossible moral choices at every step.

  • Title: Killing Wall Street
  • Author: Sanjay Sanghoee
  • ISBN: 9780786755028
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
  • Killing Wall Street KILLING WALL STREET is a timely thriller about the terrible consequences of corporate greed and the unimaginable power of working class rage Catherine is a working class single mother whose life is sp


    Killing Wall Street was not exactly what I was expecting. I think I was expecting a more vigilante sort of super hero vindication and instead I got a more in depth drama about the life of this woman and her family. Don't get me wrong, there was still a lot of high action and espionage type activities, revolving around the world of finance, which in and of itself was fascinating, there was just more depth of character than I anticipated. I think that's a good thing. It gave greater insight into w [...]


    When my husband first saw this book in my review stack he looked at me questioningly and commented "This doesn't sound like the type of book you'd normally read." I assured him it sounded interesting to me. Though certainly has a point considering I *do* read mostly young adult, fantasy, science fiction books along with the occasional contemporary chic lit. But I also like to throw something serious in the mix every once in a while that makes me have to sit up and pay attention while I read. y'k [...]

    Anirudh Parthasarathy

    Killing Wall Street is a thriller novel written by the former investment banker, Sanjay Sanghoee. It features Catherine, a struggling single mother caught in the economic crisis and ends up facing a pay cut. Totally frustrated, she decides to direct her frustration on the system that has put her into this position, and begins by targeting a particular merger involving a series of frauds and vested interests. On the other side is FBI agent Michael Sands, who is investigating the murders of high p [...]


    Cathy has an estranged husband and a married lover, who is powerful in more ways than one. When she tries to end their relationship, he gets violent, and she gets even. Since her financial situation is deteriorating by the minute, she goes on a rampage to take out a few of his corporate criminal cronies as well. Meanwhile, FBI agent Michael Sands is trying to piece together the clues from these murders, knowing from an elevator video that the killer is an inept woman in a blonde wig and sunglass [...]


    I've enjoyed reading Killing Wall Street and I find it full of action, intriguing and entertaining book. I like how Cathy’s actions are described and I found myself whispering to her to stop or what to do sometimes. I like how Michael solved the case in the end and I have to tell you that I didn't expect this final. It’s an easy reading book, where I found some interesting explanations about the financial system, corrupt greed people and struggling people. I also found some interesting quote [...]


    I do not like giving low marks to a book, but I just could not enjoy this. I think that's very unfortunate, because the author had the foundation of an interesting premise that, with the right execution (no pun intended), could have been a real thrill ride. As it is, I found it a disappointingly subpar read.What I liked: The bankster + easily corruptible Congress angle had a lot of potential. The big, foul merger that looked good on paper could have fallen right out of the Wall Street Journal (a [...]

    Som Chivukula

    From the first page of KILLING WALL STREET, it’s obvious that this is not the usual James Patterson machine-generated thriller. In fact, it’s closer to the quirky tv show DEXTER than to those types of stories. The protagonist, a single mom named Cathy, is going through a severe mid-life crisis when the financial crisis hits (I assume the author set this sometime in 2009 but it’s not exactly clear). A series of misfortunes strike Cathy at the same time and she snaps. And boy does she snap!I [...]


    Killing Wall Street by Sanjay Sanghoee is extremely applicable to the present day in this country, and many Americans believe that the scenario in this book could easily occur in the future, if parts of it haven't already. The author does a good job of describing the banking industry schemes, as well as the frustrations of the citizens harmed by the bankers' actions. The deals the corporate leaders make have consequences that trickle down throughout society, and this book does a good job of illu [...]


    Killing Wall Street is not just about banking or bankers. It's about corporate greed at every level and about the very real pain that results from it for the average man or woman. This book is about consequences at every level - for the main characters, Cathy and Michael, for the bankers, CEOs and others who don't play fair, for the corrupt politicians out there, as well as for the system itself. The plot line is simple - Cathy is a single mom who gets screwed by the financial crisis that nearly [...]


    A female Dexter! - Funniest Murders I have ever read (in a good way)This may sound like a strange thing to say about a thriller but one of the best things about this novel are the actual murders, as narrated by a semi-crazy/semi-sane but very relatable main character. Catherine is not your average killer for sure because, well, she’s not a killer at all – on the contrary shes herself terrified of what she’s doing and figuring it out as she goes along. Kind of reminds me of Dexter, the show [...]


    The novel commences with a description on Cathy’s life. She explains that she has a troublesome daughter and an estranged husband. As soon as this book starts you can tell that this book is all about women’s empowerment. Killing Wall Street exemplifies how tough it is to be a single mother and I could easily relate to this as I was brought up by a single mother.After talking about Cathy, the book immediately delved into the life of Edward Latham who basically is a corrupt CEO who doesn’t c [...]


    There is one word that comes to my mind when I think about this book, perfect. There is a lot going on here, including 2 different narratives, which move on parallel tracks - until they connect in a startling way. I can't think of a lot of books that pull this off but the TV show Dexter comes to mind. Darkly humorous but also deadly serious and sensitive, this novel has something to offer everyone. Is it a woman's book? Not necessarily, but I can see women readers loving the protagonist Cathy, a [...]

    David Ketelsen

    In Killing Wall Street Sanghoee uses Catherine, a 40-year old assistant manager at a NYC athletic club as his protagonist. She thinks of herself as curvy and still attractive but she sees that time is marching by and worries about ending up alone--which causes her to be in a loveless affair while she yearns for her estranged husband.Pillow talk from her married lover, an unscrupulous M&A banker with no morals and a quick temper, lead Catherine into a quixotic quest to stop an impending finan [...]


    This book was pretty decent for the thriller, murder genre. Not much of a mystery as we are getting a good portion of the story from the murderers view point. The story is told from mulitple viewpoints, mainly the murderer and the cop that is looking into the case. Occassionally we are given some other viewpoints but merely for a page or two to help push the story along or give us some plot detail that we would not have if not from their viewpoint.The writing was good and the story itslef was pr [...]

    Ritanch Hans

    This book is definitely worth the time to read especially if you are interested in the Occupy Wall Street movement. I'm not a part of the movement but I can imagine this novel will resonate with that crowd because much of the plot is focused on making Wall Street high executives and CEO's pay for their actions. Just as the Occupy Movement is fighting Wall Street against the corrosive power of major banks and multinational corporations, Cathy (the main character) is doing the same; except in her [...]

    Sanjay Bhatnagar

    As I wrap up this book, all I can think about is how much of a treat this book was to read. Killing Wall Street has everything: love, corruption, greed, humor and best of all… really good murders and a fast pace! In an era of bloated prose and 600 page 'epic' novels, this book is very tight with half the number of pages. That doesn't mean the story isn't complex and detailed. Myself being a fan of shows that deal with murders and clever police work (CSI, Hawaii Five O, Bones) this book was fan [...]


    While reading this book I was delighted to see Sanjay reference India a little bit in the book. As a fellow Indian, I was glad to see Sanjay connect back to his roots. Many Indians, especially Indian Americans, say they are Indian but don’t really ever talk about their heritage, but Sanjay is not like one of those people. In his first book “Merger” (which was also fantastic) the protagonist in the novel was an Indian by the name of Vickram. Though the main character in this book is not an [...]


    Disclaimer - Sanjay Sanghoee's editor brought "Killing Wall Street" to my attentiona nd made sure I had a copy to read. They did all all the work and I have had the pleasure of a great read."Killing Wall Street" is a fascinating novel intertwining several deep social issues - the larcenous greed of the rain-makers in the financial world, the fabricated reality justifying to one's self what we recognize as crime, the broken heart of a relationship crashed and cast aside, the pressures we imagine [...]


    Like books with twists? Then this is a book for you; a perfect thriller in my mind. I grew up reading Frederick Forsyth and Jeffrey Archer and one of the things I loved about their novels were the clever twists in the tale. Sanjay Sanghoee seems to be in that league. Killing Wall Street is the story of a female vigilante who seeks justice against corporate corruption in a pretty violent way. But beyond the murders there is a personal psychological drama here too which I found just as interesting [...]

    Abby Cooley

    I won this book in a firstreads.Killing Wall Street stars Catherine, a middle aged mother who after defending herself from a attack by one of the most wealthiest people, decides to kill off the other wealthiest people since she feels it would be justice considering a merger within two big companies caused her to get less pay from her job.Michael Sands is a FBI agent who is tasked with finding the killer of the wealthy people.The book switches POVs between Catherine, Michael, and the villainous [...]


    I won a free copy of this from , but this review was not influenced by anyone other than me.This was a really good book. Interesting and relevant topic, several twists and turns that I never saw coming (and frankly wasn't expecting), and I felt the financial/political issues were discussed just enough to understand but not too much that they ever became boring. I also liked knowing what was going on from the points of view of both main characters, male and female (which both seemed pretty realis [...]


    I recieved this book as a of First Reads.The first thing a writer needs to is cathch the reader's attention. The title did this for me. Next an author needs to do is get the reader's interest in the first few pages of the book. M. Sanghoee failed to accomplish this for me. The book was very slow for most of the book. The last third of the book was much better and left me satisfied.

    Janet Newport

    I received Killing Wall Street as a first-reads give away win in exchange for my honest review. Here goes.I found the characters to be too stereotypical - except Cathye was too irritating and way too inconsistent for me.I thought the plot was too contrived and too predictable for my tastes.I'll pass the book along to my sister - she loves John Grisham & Stuart Woods. I asked her why and she told me it was because she didn't have to think when she read their books.

    Saniya Seera

    If you are interested in scandals in the business world such as the JP Morgan Chase scandal then this is a great book for you. The author takes you behind the closed doors of Wall Street and corporate America for a delicious look at the tricks the people in those worlds use to make even mo' money This book has a little bit of everything: love, feminism, greed, violence, power etc. Highly recommend this book!


    As someone who was born in the 1990’s, this book was hard to relate to at times. Throughout the novel, Sanjay referenced movies such as a “late-70s slasher movie” or “the awesome Michael Douglas flick ‘Black Rain’.” As great as I am sure these movies were, I had never heard about them because they were made before I was even born. Had he maybe referenced movies or instances more relevant to the 2000’s I think I would of enjoyed this book more. Despite this, this book was a pleasu [...]

    Phil Clymer

    This is a very clever tale of an FBI agent, a single mother, and a serial killer of Wall Street Robber Barons. The separate paths merge in plot twists that I never saw coming. It is well written and entertaining. I highly recommend this book.


    This book shows the frightening side of the financial world. Unfortunately it may not all be true but what happens when money and power come together is not always pretty. Turn on the news and see the events that can come together. This book was put together in a wonderful read.


    I began this dubious story with skepticism, not sure if I wanted to keep reading. But I became entrenched in this strange tale, it started grabbing me, the more I got into it. I had to keep reading on and it got interesting. Four stars

    Maria Mitchell

    I won this book on First Reads and I still have not received my copy in the mail.


    I enjoyed this book. The characters, including the killer, were very relatable. I really enjoyed the twist at the end.

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