May 26, 2020
Posted by M.R. Forbes

My name is Landon Hamilton I m a ghost.I died five years ago, except I didn t get to rest in peace like most of the departed Instead, I was tapped by Dante yes, that Dante in Purgatory to become his champion and save humankind from the rest of the Divine you know, angels and demons and their mortal followers.It seemed like a great deal at the time I would answer myMy name is Landon Hamilton I m a ghost.I died five years ago, except I didn t get to rest in peace like most of the departed Instead, I was tapped by Dante yes, that Dante in Purgatory to become his champion and save humankind from the rest of the Divine you know, angels and demons and their mortal followers.It seemed like a great deal at the time I would answer my calling as a diuscrucis a perfect balance of angel, demon, and human by getting sent back to the mortal world, inheriting the magic to bend the universe to my will, and saving humanity from devastation Hindsight it sucks Yeah, I saved the world but the manipulations of the Divine have left me numb, and the constant fighting is getting old To be honest, I m tired of the whole damn thing.I don t eat, don t sleep, and barely feel I ve become obsessed with the vague warning from the Queen of demons, and the only thing keeping me hanging onto any shred of my humanity is the girl I ve sworn to protect Except now she s gone.She was taken right out from under my nose, and I don t know by who or for what purpose What I do know is that I ll do whatever it takes to get her back, and there isn t an angel, demon, or god that can stop me.It s a good thing I ve still got my anger Betrayal is a contemporary urban fantasy set in New York City and Paris, France It is approximately 90,000 words and is suitable for adults both young and old.

  • Title: Betrayal
  • Author: M.R. Forbes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Betrayal My name is Landon Hamilton I m a ghost I died five years ago except I didn t get to rest in peace like most of the departed Instead I was tapped by Dante yes that Dante in Purgatory to become his c

    Jay Collins

    Not as strong as the first book but still good. The plot is starting to get a little bit more twisted than I would like. I hope these crazy story lines and some characters are resolved in the next book.


    Love listening to this on audio. Great performance!Full review coming soon.Received by author, through audiobookreviewer, in exchange for an honest review. Edit for full review:This starts and it took me a minute to realize that they had jumped five years into the future from book one. Fortunately, M.R. Forbes gives enough information to catch the reader up to speed without dragging the story down. I found that I really needed this because I could not remember book one! This is the hazard of rea [...]

    Perene Wang

    i started reading this book because i finished reading the first book, and the first book was very good, so i had high expectations for this book. My expectations were met and exceeded. At first i wasn't sure if i would like this book as much as i liked the first because sometimes the first book in series' are the best. But not in this case.Characters:These characters are so twisted that they surprise me with their actions. After Gervais kidnapped Sarah with Rebecca, i didn't expect Rebecca to d [...]


    (view spoiler)[**SPOILER ALERT******* - Enjoyed & Would Read Again **** - Enjoyed *** - Not Bad ** - Didn't Like * - Didn't finishDisclaimer: Even though this review is open for everyone to see due to the nature of GoodReads. Please note that this review / notes are just for my own personal use and shouldn't be taken as a genuine reviewTHE WORLDTHE CHARACTERSDante:Mr Ross:Charice: the demon Queen that is like Landon Landon: main character Rebecca: Vampire Josette: Angel Obi: Landons contact [...]


    Landon was brought from the dead to serve Dante and be his champion in bk 1.He is tasked with more adventure in this book. Still in love with his half vampire girlfriend,Josette,he just goes on and on fighting and not living every day.He seems tired of it.I kind of knew the feeling as this book seemed a lot like the first.Jeff Hays was the perfect narrator.I was provided this book free by th author, narrator or publisher.

    Ian Hall


    ParaUrban Review

    I really enjoyed Balance, the first book in this series and couldn't wait to start this one. While I was a bit confused at how the book kicked off, being 5 years later, it didn't take long to pick up the missing pieces as Mr Forbes leaves snippets of information which reveal how the protagonist has developed/survived to date. As for the reasoning behind the 5 year gap - perhaps with Landon having so much to learn about his abilities, Mr Forbes needed the additional time to create a more realisti [...]


    That was intense. There was SO MUCH going on at and it was fast! All i could do was read as fast as i could to keep up and keep clicking next page! M.R. Forbes wow! Landon Hamilton has once again managed to stay alive and keep things interesting. Interesting is an understatement….More like Mind Blowing. This was certainly a heavier read for me. As in the 1st book there is a war going between heaven and hell and Landon is there to keep the balance. Little does anyone know that there is a secret [...]


    This review of for the audiobook, thus deals with the narration etc. as well.This book is really fun. It takes the premise of the first book (being stuck between good and evil, keeping it balanced) and ups the ante. The stakes are higher, the action is more intense and quick paced and it even expands the cast of characters fairly significantly.The book takes place 5 years after the previous one. Even knowing that it takes a little to play catch up as many things have changed. The author, Forbes, [...]


    Great second installment. Just as well written, interesting and entertaining as the first book. Great story plus fantastic narration equals an extremely enjoyable listen.This book starts 5 years after the first book ended. While the author goes over the basics of the first book to get you refreshed with the story, I would definitely start with the first book in the series. The story starts out at a fast pace and just keeps going. It's full of surprises, twists and turns and suspense that keep yo [...]

    Steve Caldwell

    Landon Hamilton is on a mission. That mission is to keep the balance between good and evil in the world. After his death five years earlier, when he was returned to the mortal world from Purgatory by Dante, as a diuscrucis, a perfect balance of angel, demon and human, Landon has worked and grown in power keeping the balance of good and evil. When the only other diuscrucis is kidnapped, Landon will stop at nothing to find her. Along the way, he has to face enemies from his past, as well as new en [...]

    Robert Brown

    Overall, The Divine is a decent (stress on decent) series. The writing flows well, the story develops well, and the author can keep your interest.However, the protagonist - Landon - is truly a stupid, stupid individual. I mean he lacks even the intelligence of a normal human being. I understand authors must have their characters do things that are dumb, wrong, misinformed, etc, in order for the story to develop; but, Forbes has Landon doing dumb, stupid, things left and right. The character neve [...]


    I enjoyed this as much as the first book. At first I was disappointed because the book begins a whopping five years later. As a result the characters have become somewhat unfamiliar, but as the story continues they quicklyreturn to being the people we fell in love with in the first book. Also there is a little bit of back story to deal with. Not a big deal, but I prefer my stories to move forward. The up side to this though, is that it works as a stand alone book. I know we're only two books int [...]


    This series was a really good find. Each book is a quick easy read and whilst it's based around Angels, demons, werewolves, vampires and other divines, it is clearly aimed at a more adult audience as opposed to the typical "Twilight" fandom. A more in depth overview has been provided in my review of book 1, Balance.So much more has been revealed in this book that is just too hard to skirt around without going into spoiler territory, but needless to say, there are some really big curve balls bein [...]


    I loved book 1 so much I took my hard earned money and bought book 2 in this series and I have to say it was well worth it. This series does something that very few heaven/hell book series can possibly do and that is intertwine not just the Christian faith and mythology but also entwine that with more paganistic beliefs if you like. The book does extremely well to help continue what happened in book 1 and doesn't treat you like a fool by making a mistake with one of the characters from the previ [...]


    This second book of the series starts two years after the first ends. The first chapter had me confused a bit as to what was going on and it took awhile for me to catch up. This installment is just as action packed and filled with deceit and betrayal as the first. While fighting old enemies, a new more powerful one is revealed and the war continues but now the balance tipping too far in either direction is not the worst that could happen. The narration, as always, was excellent."This audio book [...]


    This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBoom dot com.The intro-chapter1 sounded a bit too long with the music, possibly an editing oversight. The narrator did great as always, adding some sound effects like the monster-voice.I didn't read the first book in the series, so it was a little hard to follow at first. The story is very fast paced with a lot of action and a decent balance of story. I liked the s [...]


    New Characters and More Action Landon, the main male lead, is still having a hard time in this sequel Balance.I gave him a pass in the first book, he does several things in this next book that doesn't make sense and he continues to make odd mistakes.Overall, the book was interesting but I am hoping that Landon wises up in the next book.Jeff Hays did well with the narration.Note:"This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review."


    The second in the series, continuing with the search to maintain the balance between good and evil.This story is a number of years after the first in the series and our hero has continued his quest to grow his powers and to figure out what is going on.We have suspense and mystery as well as romance along the way.Good ending. Not certain if I will read the next - too often these stories run out of steam before the series finishes and then they get too similar to enjoy.

    Virginia Cope

    Did anyone edit this? unfortunately, the grammatical errors turned me off significantly to the plot. I was so worried about the spelling that it was hard to take pleasure in the plot. had some decent twists and turns but I would be remiss to rate it higher.

    Rod Nutt

    Great read. Authors continuation of the divine trilogy is equal to the boo k b. first book.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes religious themed stories. am looking forward to the final book. f am sure it will be as


    I had a heck of a time keeping track of everyone and felt somewhat lost a few times there. Interesting story, but I still am not connecting to any of the characters in a way that makes me feel something. 3.5; leaning to the 4 because of the originality. Narrator doing a very good job on this.


    Devine 2Fast as NASCAR on hairpin turns, the war between good and evil continues. The roles of characters in distress and multiple images of illusion made predictions run wild and you will not be able to predict the ending. You will be pulled into the gravity of book 3 .


    It was lame. Didn't finish.


    Sequal to balance. While I still get lost in some of the fight scenes, I enjoy the characters, world, and story line. I will be continuing on with the series in the near future.

    Ben Doke

    Keeps you guessing


    don't remember. e-book. read 2013. See review.


    Good gawddddddd, get on with it. Got as far as chapter 23. I was betrayedwere you betrayed? DNF! Welp, I'm done with this series.

    Michael Leffel

    I thought the first book was amazing, this sequel kicks it up a notch!

    Roger John Jones

    Getting tiringDon't they teach how to write endings anymore? War and Peace will be a short story by the time this is done.

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