Feb 16, 2020
Time To Get Out Of The Bath, Shirley
Posted by John Burningham

It s time to get out of the bath but Shirley s not listening She s floated away to a secret watery land beyond the plughole to where knights ride white horses, and kings and queens float in moats around their castles.

  • Title: Time To Get Out Of The Bath, Shirley
  • Author: John Burningham
  • ISBN: 9780099200512
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
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    Time To Get Out Of The Bath Shirley It s time to get out of the bath but Shirley s not listening She s floated away to a secret watery land beyond the plughole to where knights ride white horses and kings and queens float in moats arou


    Time to Get Out of the Bath Shirley introduces you to a mother and a very stubborn little girl Shirley, who surprise surprise, does not want to get out of the bath. The illustrations in this book are very simple yet at the same time very detailed and full of color. This book is full of a little fantasy and reality at the same time. This book takes you on a very large adventure that Shirley is going through while her mom has been stranded and left behind. This book does a great job of introducing [...]

    Nichola Harris

    Shirley is in the bath and ignoring her mother who is busy moaning about having to pick up her clothes of the floor, drying up the splashed water etc - which I'm sure most children can relate to. In the meantime Shirley's imagination takes her down the plug hole and on a magnificent adventure with Knight's, Kings & Queens. No words are needed on these pages, the illustrations show it all.

    ESF Tsing Yi

    John Burningham's books are always thought-provoking, sometimes a little confusing, and often hilarious. Time to get Out of the Bath, Shirley, and its companion book Come Away from the Water, Shirley deal with the life of the imagination. Shirley's mother is calling her for bath-time, but Shirley is not listening. She is in an imaginary world of knights and adventures, slipping down the bath pipes to find all kinds of fantastic things. The pages offer opportunities to contrast the real life with [...]

    Lindsay Larsen

    This book is a landscape book. What is interesting to me is the way that the illustrator compared and contrasted what was actually happening in the story with the mother, and what Shirley was imagining on the other page. The two page spreads gave us the opportunity to see what Shirley saw, and what Shirley was thinking about. The page with the mother has washed out plain colors and what Shirley imagines is veyr colorful and light. All of the pages have borders, as if we are able to see what is g [...]

    Tara Sheehan

    The book is in landscape layout, with white bordered pages. The endpages feature sets of pipes, which to me, was a good hint of the adventure that Shirley goes on in the bathtub.There seems to be a mixture of mediums used, however, pencil is definitely the most popular. The most interesting aspect of the book to me was the contrast between the colorful illustrations that Shirley imagines and the very plain illustrations that feature Shirley's mom. I thought that the very plain and boring illustr [...]

    Katelynn Callahan

    This book is about Shirley. Her mother tells her that it is time for her to get out of the bath but Shirley's not listening. She has disapeared into an imaginary far away land full of water where she goes on an adventure with knights, horses and kings and queens. There are pictures on every page and they are all bordered. I do not think that this book is a must read but it slightly entertaining. It does not seem to all make sense and does not have a fantastic ending. I do not think i would ultim [...]

    Kennia Torres

    this is a great story for many young children because it will be easy for them to relate to the main character, Shirley. Shirley is a young girl who is just not listening to her mother. She is extremely enjoying her bath and she just does not want to get out. Shirley has gone into another world of her imagination where she goes on many adventures with Knights, Kings, and Queens and rides with horses. Of course Shirley does not want to get out of the bath tub because her adventure is just beginni [...]


    All right, what the hell is Burningham's deal?! I've only read two of his books, but his adults are SO unpleasant.This book shows his light and amateurish imagery playing counterpoint to a perpetually nagging mother tidying up after Shirley's bath (while the latter is off on a fantastic voyage through the drain). The book ends with an utter fizzle, rather than with any type of closure.Having said all that, my 3-year-old seems to enjoy it.


    To be completely honest, I did not like this story at all. I couldnt even understand what was going on with shirley, if she was just imagining these things or if she was really doing them. If she really did do all of those things and her mom didn't notice that she wasn't in the bath them her mom should really pay more attention because as far as she knows, shirley could have been drowning in the bath! I just thought it didn't make much sense at all and I didn't get a purpose to it.

    Shannan Dahlka

    This postmodern picturebook is definitely an interesting read. It is evident by the difference in illustrations how Shirley feels in her bath world, and how she feels about her mother. The illustrator uses the pictures inside of the writer adding text to instill the feelings of the characters, and this was achieved very well in this text. The kinda 'blah' ending, though disappointing as a reader, is part of what makes this book fit so perfectly into the postmoden label.

    Jillian Menendez

    This is a fun read for children that many can relate to. I would think that this story is for younger children who enjoy the bath tub still and hate to get out just like Shirley. Shirley's mother tells her that it is time for her to get out of the bath but Shirley's not listening. She has disapeared into an imaginary far away land full of water where she goes on an adventure with knights, horses and kings and queens. Shirley's not ready to get out yet she is just ready to begin her adventure.

    Kylie Perrine

    This book is about a girl who disappears into her own imaginary world instead of getting out of the bath. It almost reminds me of a girl version of "Where the Wild Things Are". However, this book is not nearly as well done. The pictures are descent, but no real details and the book just ends there is no big finish. This is not a book I would recommend.

    Diana Manzo

    This book was on a landscape layout. The images definitely enhance the text. Only the ones that show the mom go along with the text version of the story. The images of Shirley's adventure show a whole new story. The images were colorful and fun to look at. There was no way to read the book without being forced to look at the images.

    Matthew Henson

    I really liked the illustrations and how the pictures were all bordered as well having a picture on every page. I really did not get the purpose of the nights and horses though. I would recommend this book for younger children in kindergarten though second grade. I think this because its a quick and easy read with many pictures.

    Melissa Gordon

    Bath time is something mostly every kid will experience in their lifetime! It's fun to follow Shirley on her imaginative adventure during her bath time, even though she's not listening to her mother. The illustrations are fun to look at and would be very intriguing for children. This book really shows how wonderful kid's imaginations are! This was a fun picture book to read, I enjoyed it.


    This book tells a story about Shirley who is in the bathtub and having vivid imaginations about adventures in a different land. I think it was a very cute book that shows kids that using your imagination is good for you.

    Angela Randall

    This will be a lot of fun when reading it to kids who can make sense of the pictures.


    My daughter liked the pictures.

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