May 31, 2020
Bryant and May Off the Rails
Posted by Christopher Fowler

They ve been given just one week to find a killer they d caught once before .Arthur Bryant, John May and the Peculiar Crimes Unit are on the trail of an enigma a young man called Mr Fox But his identity is false, his links to society are invisible and his home yields no clues All they know is that somehow he escaped from a locked room and murdered one of their bestThey ve been given just one week to find a killer they d caught once before .Arthur Bryant, John May and the Peculiar Crimes Unit are on the trail of an enigma a young man called Mr Fox But his identity is false, his links to society are invisible and his home yields no clues All they know is that somehow he escaped from a locked room and murdered one of their best and brightest.Now the detectives are being lured down into the darkest recesses of the London Underground where their quarry, expertly disguised, has struck again Their search takes them into the vast labyrinth of tunnels, a subterranean world full of legends and ghost stations, which tie the city together Edging closer to what lies hidden beneath the city and to the madness that is driving a man to murder Bryant and May are about to uncover a mystery as bizarre as anything they have ever encountered .

  • Title: Bryant and May Off the Rails
  • Author: Christopher Fowler
  • ISBN: 9781407055022
  • Page: 461
  • Format: ebook
  • Bryant and May Off the Rails They ve been given just one week to find a killer they d caught once before Arthur Bryant John May and the Peculiar Crimes Unit are on the trail of an enigma a young man called Mr Fox But his identi


    The eighth in the Peculiar Crimes series was just as enjoyable as the last. Bryant & May once again have to salvage the existence of their unit and its members (oh the stress these people must live under!) But we readers are treated to more esoteric knowledge of the inner workings of London---and some of its criminals. And the wonderful atmosphere continues along the way.He listened to the city. A few minutes earlier it had been virtually silent, but almost on the stroke of seven o'clock a l [...]

    Jill Hutchinson

    I love this series of books about the Peculiar Crimes Unit, featuring Bryant and May. How many mysteries involving murders also make you laugh out loud? The rag-tag group of detectives led by Bryant/May are constantly in danger of being unemployed as the "powers that be" are never quite sure what to make of the Unit's methods of investigation.In this edition, killings in the Underground, which begin with a seemingly accidental fall, escalate as the Unit desperately tries to make a connection wit [...]


    Mr Fowlers knowledge of my home town is superb, well written and researched. When a book can pull you in and lets you become a part of it then it is time to walk the streets of London as soon as you can and living in Scotland this is the best way.Top marks for another excellent story of the grand old detectives of the PCU.


    Review from BadelyngeChristopher Fowler's brilliantly conceived British detective series continues. This one has quite a lot of mess to clean up from the previous book. Mr Fox is back on the loose after his escape from custody and the Peculiar Crimes Unit is reeling from the death of one of their own. Bryant and May must use every resource available to bring the killer in or it's curtains for the unit.London bleeds from these books. With so many writers setting their story in London these days, [...]


    I found the characters likeable but the mystery itself a bit incoherent. My favorite parts were the descriptions of the Tube, with all the stations and corridors which were dug and then later taken out of service. I also find the level of surveillance cameras in Britain just a tad Orwellian.


    This is part two of the Mr. Fox story with a group of university students thrown in just to confuse matters. April May is in Toronto with her uncle recovering from another bout of agoraphobia and the unit has acquired a pair of Turkish workers, both named Dave, who are much more interested in what the unit is doing than they are in getting a proper job done on the electrical and carpentry repairs in the abandoned factory the unit is using as a headquarters. I enjoy the way these outsiders seem t [...]


    Author Christopher FowlerNarrator Tim GoodmanAbr/Unabr UnabridgedGenre. Fiction - MysterySeries NameBryant and MayPosition in Series. 8 (2010)Total Runtime 10 Hours 48 MinsBlurb: The most enigmatic detectives in British crime fiction since Holmes and Watson return in their eighth wickedly entertaining and intriguing investigationArthur Bryant, John May and the Peculiar Crimes Unit are on the trail of an enigma: Mr Fox. His identity is false, and his links to society are invisible. Their search t [...]


    Off the Rails is right! The plot got rather stodgy in this one, with Bryant going off on a tangent, as usual. which is why I didn't enjoy this one so much as the others - or maybe I'm just getting a little bit tired of Bryant's idiosyncrasies and May's moaning!


    My first venture into the world of Bryant & May (#8 in the series). The book was entertaining and I liked the personalities and the back & forth of the two detectives. Another reader said, "I found the characters likeable but the mystery itself a bit incoherent," and that was basically my thought as well. I will seek out another one or two of the books and see if it just happened to be this particular mystery that was somewhat 'incoherent'. Sometimes it's better to start at the beginning [...]


    First Sentence: With regard to your apprehension of the hired assassin operating in the King’s Cross area, this so-called ‘King’s Cross Executioner’ chap, thank you for acting so quickly on the matter, although it’s a pity he subsequently managed to give you the slip.A killer known as Mr. Fox has been captured by Detectives Arthur Bryant and John May, but escaped, murdering one of their colleagues in the process. A body has been discovered in a station of London’s Underground. Was Mr [...]


    Having read Bryant & May On The Loose by Christopher Fowler for the Transworld Summer Reading Challenge, I decided to give the next book in the series a go.Bryant & May Off The Rails follows the aging, octogenarian detectives as they search for killer who has escaped their clutches and they only have one week to do it in, otherwise the Peculiar Crimes Unit will be shut down. While they search for one murderer it seems like another may be on the loose as a young mother falls down a tube s [...]


    I love the Bryant and May stories, they have acharm all of their own, this one kicks off straight away after the last one finished, continuing the story of Mr Foxere's a fantastic bit near the beginning that goes "Arthur Bryant, have you met him before??If not,imagine a tortoise minus its shell, thrust upright and stuffed into a dreadful suitve it glasses, false teeth and a hearing aid,and a whispy band of white hair arranged in a straggling tonsurell its pockets with rubbish, old pennies and sc [...]

    Susan in NC

    Bryant and May never disappoint; I stayed up late last night to finish this one, the tension really builds in the end and even though I was sure I knew the culprit. I wasn't sure the PCU would get their man - and then I was totally gobsmacked with the twist Fowler throws at us, bravo! I love this series and hope it goes on for awhile; I stopped reading the series after the first four books so Fowler could get way ahead of me and I could read one after another and not run out - he's that good. I [...]


    I love this series. By this time the dectectives Arthur Bryant and John May are positively elderly, which makes actually getting to a crime scene or remembering certain details more of a challenge. Nonetheless, they are more brilliant, and endearing, than ever in this latest outing. By all means, don't stint yourself on this fabulous series--start at the beginning with "Full Dark House." By the time you've finished, the publication of the next Bryant & May mystery will have become one of the [...]


    I really enjoy this series. In this one the detectives are trying to track down Mr. Fox, the serial killer and master of disguise and deceit.There is the usual slapstick — which is to say the highly unusual slapstick. Social commentary on college students. Interesting info on the London subway, flash mobs, and other subjects new to me.Less angst than some of the others, which is fine by me. We have Henning Mankell for that.


    Excellent read! Fascinating history of London and the Tube. I loved how Fowler thought that the engineer who came up with the idea of putting the tunnels underground sounded a bit dodgy.g his name was FowlerBryant trying to master a card trick was amusing. The mystery was quite intriguing and had me going to the very end!


    In Bryant and May on the Loose, elderly detectives Arthur Bryant and John May of London's Peculiar Crimes Unit apprehended a criminal known as "Mr. Fox" but he escaped from custody killing a member of the PCU staff in the process. The PCU is told that they have a week to recapture Mr. Fox or else the Unit will be permanently disbanded. Get to work, you octogenarians.


    Fowler’s books run one of two ways for me. Either I’m right there with the author when he pulls off his dénouement, or I’m completely confused as to who—and why—the killer is. Unfortunately, this was the latter. I hope the next one is better.

    Aaron Krebs

    This series has gotten better and better with every installation.The classic mystery set-pieces (locked rooms, etc.), the lesser-known historical attributes of London, and the diverse, relatable characters all meld into the most enjoyable (and, sadly, fastest) of reads.


    I simply love this series, and this latest book is no exception. Well done, Mr. Fowler! I can't wait until the next one will it mention the hole in the floor again? I hope so! lmbo


    These Peculiar Crimes stories are just that - peculiar, in such a good way. Liked the different plots intertwined in this one.

    Kathy Davie

    Eighth in the Bryant & May mystery crime series based in London and revolving around two ancient detectives who should have retired years ago.My TakeDespite being shut down in Bryant & May on the Loose, 7, the Peculiar Crimes Unit is back up…on probation…at The Old Warehouse. It's mostly Bryant in this with his magic tricks and rudeness, although he was quite mild with the students. The running joke in Bryant and May Off the Rails is those playing and tarot cards Bryant is messing ab [...]


    I came to this novel at something of a disadvantage as Bryant, May and the rest of the Peculiar Crimes Unit are really in the middle of a situation from the previous book as this one opens. They've let the murderer of one of their own escape, so they are grieving and perplexed; the always sceptical powers that be have issued ridiculous deadlines for results or shut down, so their jobs are on the line. This latter strand seemed a little irritating but there's a reflection in the book which makes [...]


    There was more that I liked about this book than I didn't like. However, this is not my favorite book in the series. I was a big fan of TV's Columbo and I am a fan of Bryant for many of the same reasons. It's great to follow Bryant's train of thought as he takes the long way around to discovering how the murder was done and who the murderer is. The inside information about the London underground was fascinating. I saw some things coming but didn't know everything until things came together at th [...]


    This was an entertaining audiobook. It's important to read the previous book in this series since it's partly a continuation of that book. It also pays to pay attention with this series as the two elderly detectives (especially Bryant) tend to take crooked paths and wander far afield searching for a solution.

    Matthew Barnes

    Bryant and May at their very best! A really good detective novel


    There is always something very satisfactory about reading a Bryant & May novel, like putting on a pair of comfy slippers, albeit fairly eccentric ones.

    Deanne Blom

    Another easy read crime novel with the two old boys of the PCU. Until the final pages, the motive behind the crime wasn't revealed.

    Llyr Heller-Humphreys

    Another wonderful Peculiar Unit mystery!


    I read a reference to the Bryant and May mysteries and found them on Kindle from my local library. The two senior detective remind me of Oscar and Felix. Bryant is threadbare and scattered, May other by the book and well dressed. Between them and their fellow officers at the Peculiar Crime Unit, they have to solve several murders in one week or they will be closed down. I enjoyed the locations of King's Cross and St. Pancreas stations, as well as the Tube stations and U. College of London. I'll [...]

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