May 30, 2020
A Rookie Move
Posted by Sam B. Morgan

Fifteen years with the Los Angeles Police Department, Mike Graham is a seasoned cop and a damn good training officer On the brutal streets of LA, he s witnessed every type of crime and taught countless rookies how to survive while they protect and serve Nothing surprises him any That is, until he meets Nathan York.Nathan York shouldn t be a cop With his Beverly HilFifteen years with the Los Angeles Police Department, Mike Graham is a seasoned cop and a damn good training officer On the brutal streets of LA, he s witnessed every type of crime and taught countless rookies how to survive while they protect and serve Nothing surprises him any That is, until he meets Nathan York.Nathan York shouldn t be a cop With his Beverly Hills background and pretty boy good looks, he s fit for the land of movie stars and nose jobs Too bad being LAPD is all he s ever wanted No longer a rookie, he thinks he s ready for anything, even if the next challenge is working with his hard assed yet magnetic ex training officer.Partners on the job, Mike and Nate both struggle with an attraction that has no place in their world Their explosive chemistry reaches a point it cannot be ignored, but the same chemistry that consumes them could destroy the very thing that binds them together.

  • Title: A Rookie Move
  • Author: Sam B. Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781623000004
  • Page: 231
  • Format: ebook
  • A Rookie Move Fifteen years with the Los Angeles Police Department Mike Graham is a seasoned cop and a damn good training officer On the brutal streets of LA he s witnessed every type of crime and taught countles

    ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~

    After heart-broken, lonely cowboys, cops may be my favorite flavor. I love the tough, strong, silent type, and in a uniform to boot. This is such a fantasy that I am always slightly shocked when I'm pulled over and the cop handing me a ticket ismiddle-aged, with a comb over, and sporting a beer belly. Where the hell is my gay Adonis, and his even-hotter partner? It completely upsets my view of the world where all cops are gay and look like this: THIS book made it all better. In a word: it was HA [...]


    Written January 31, 20144.2 Stars - sometimes captivates just the simple and the ordinary - what I wantedd much moreIt feelt like it had been a while since I read a romance with some tough police officers. And I was so right - it was too long ago ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Some periods is everything I put my hands on, to read, absolutely perfect. This captivating story about these police officers Mike and Nate might not be unique, genre-altering or even the best of the best, but it gave me some wonderful ho [...]


    Now this was definitely an awesome story!I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, since things started off pretty quickly, but Nate and Mike working through their butch cop facade and finding love with each other was pure perfection!And what's sexier than a gay cop? Right. Two!Mike has been with the LAPD for almost two decades when he is partnered with 25 year old Nate who started his cop career as his officer in training. Mike is gay, but closeted at work. Having the handsome blond straight ' [...]

    J *deep in the heart of Texas*

    3.5 Stars!Rounding up on this one. There was no skimming involved but I can't say this one wowed me. But it was good.entertaining.Like most of my friends, I agree that there wasn't much going on plot wise. A bit in the day to day life of two cops and then plenty of action between the sheets complaints on that front. This one was definitely spicy. Mike annoyed me a bit at times, but I thought Nathan's character was great. And so quest to conquer my TBR continues


    Well, look at here the party pooper who goes against the flow and gives lower star rating (hiding from evil stares)I'm sorry, but for me it is just the same old same old, the push-pull plot with Alpha men, which bores me after 25%. It's simply uninspiring. I also feel the flow of the story to be a little staccato-esque, not smooth nor free flowing. The dialogs feel contrived and the sex scenes, well, I skim them *yawn*. As always, how I rate a book is based on the answer of the following questi [...]

    Denise H.

    *** Brilliant ! *** This beautifully written tale will capture your heart and soul. We get action, fun, hot sexiness, and great bonding. Our guys are very different, but so very drawn to each other. Mike is a seasoned cop, nearly 40, now training rookie, Nathan/Nate, 25. We see them as a new team, and then see them again seven months later, when Nate is more hardened. There are hints of each man's past where family formed how they are today. When clashes create issues, Nate takes a hard run with [...]


    Ahem. *clears throat*You may be looking at those two stars and think, "wow, he really didn't like this one." On the contrary, I sort of did. My mentality:Hot cops.Hot gay cops.Hot gay cops with an age difference.Hot gay cops with an age difference and butt sex.It was a good mental bleach to some of the heavier stuff I've been reading lately (which had no sex *gasp*). And so this book spoke to my inner pervert and cop-fantasies pretty well. But great sex asides, not much really appealed to me. I [...]


    4.5I really enjoyed this book. So well written with realistic characters and situations that it just drew me in from the start. Mike Graham is a Training Officer (TO), he mentors rookies and is one the more seasoned cops that takes these young recruits on the streets to show them more than just the theory of being a cop but the reality of it. Nathan York is a former rookie (boot) of Mike's who is now his partner. There is still that lingering dynamic of the older/younger sensei/grasshopper feel [...]

    R * A Reader Obsessed *

    3.5 Solid StarsThis really hit the spot, especially since I was in the perfect mood for some hot cop action, a gay newbie, and just enough insecurity and doubt to whet the appetite without going overboard. Who am I kidding?  I'm always in the mood for that kind of story!So yes, Mike tries to keep things clearly professional. He and Nate are just partners; he's not going to have any crazy emotions or unrealistic ideas. He's fine. They're fine. Everything's fine. However Nate is no dummy, and kn [...]

    BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions

    Chapter two is 7 months later. IMO chapter one should have been a prologue. Skipping 7 months between chapter one and two made me stop and go wtf?Hate how they think/call him Nate one minute and york the next Also "Mike and Nate" has no ring to it at all. Hope they not the main couple (they were e main couple, and IMO a really shitty one) Used the word seamiest. Couldn't it just say seediest? I'm not like the vocabulary usage. It's distracting. Using large and older words doesn't necessarily mak [...]


    Nate is a 25 years old young cop. He’s a good cop, hardworking, smart, tenacious and he’s straight. His partner, Mike is in his late 30s and obviously he’s more experienced. Mike is tough on Nate every day and sometimes even mean, but only because he wants to make him a better cop.He’s protective with Nate, he’s not only worried about him, he cares about him. He knows this whole thing about Nate has to stop, but he doesn’t know how, because he’s attracted to this gorgeous young cop [...]


    **3.6 Humorous and Irresistible Stars**I'm okay with whatever you choose, so long as it's me.Mike Graham, a police officer for the last fifteen years, has hidden his sexuality well and is content with his choice. But things quickly change when his required to train the new rookie, who he can't keep his eyes off. To Mike, he was irresistible. Plain and simple. Mike fights his attraction for his young and eager partner, Nathan Yorkat's until Nate picks up on the heat and connection they share. He [...]


    This one might be headed to my top 10 shelf, but I need to let it settle in my brain a bit first. I love cops almost as much as I love firefighters, so this book was a perfect fit for me. The MCs were both hot alpha males and the sex and angst was incredible. Highly recommended with a fabulous, sweet HEA.


    I've had this book on my Kindle for a few months now and I finally got around to reading it. So glad I did! It was deliciously hot and I loved the interactions between Mike and Nate both in and out of bed.Mike is in his late 30's has been a cop for a long time. He's a fine training officer and a good cop. He takes the safety of his charges very seriously and tries to instill in them not just what it means to be a cop, but what it takes to do the job well. Mike is also a bit jaded when it comes t [...]


    OK, so I have a weakness for cops-falling-in-love-with-their-partners stories, which is why I took a chance on an unknown author. Happily, I can report that it's good. Mike is a gruff, closeted, 40-ish training officer. Nate is his 25-year-old partner, just getting out of an unhappy heterosexual relationship. Mike is increasingly captivated by his younger colleague, and Nate begins to realize he might not be so straight after all. There's quite a bit of stubborn miscommunication in this story (w [...]

    Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**

    **3.5 Frisk Me Officer Stars**This was a fast read with some Bad Ass hot cops! Yes, close your eyes and let that sink in. Was the book hot?Would I be willing to go and commit a crime for the opportunity to get patted down and manhandled by either Mike or Nate?Unfortunately, the story was a bit rough around the edges. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I wanted a little more internal dialogue for some of the decisions and actions. It was clear what was going to happen, but I would have fe [...]


    This was a nice short story about hot cops getting it onwhat's not to like ;)Mike and Nate are partners on the force. Mike is a closeted old timer and Nate is a "straight" rookie.We all kno what happens nextMike is secretly lusting after his partner and Nate is starting to develop feelings for a man. It took them some time to get together, but damn they were HOT. There was no hessitation or struggle from Nate's sidehe was all in (actually it was Mike that was all inlol)I really enjoyed this one, [...]


    Re-read June 2 2016I have no idea why I didn't love this more on my first read. I really loved it now! It was awesome! Sweet friendship, great UST, sexy sexy sexy times, some angst, lots of love and finally a really nice HEA. ---------------Original reviewWe have a rookie cop.Partnered with the experienced badass cop.So I was expecting a lot! It could have been a great read, but just wasn’t… Story dragged a little in the middle. Did not like Mike, he was so cold and rude to Nate…Had its ho [...]


    Otro 2,5 No me ha convencido mucho, se me ha hecho pesadísimo de leer con lo corto que es :/


    I really enjoy the cop/rescue/partners stories and this was a good one. I found it to be solid from beginning to end, and exactly what I expected and was looking for when I picked it up.There are many conflicting reviews for this one and I'm not sure why. 2 main concerns that I'm seeing is the pseudo-GFY theme and the mix up of the first and last names. Neither of these were a problem for me. GFY isn't my favorite thing, but I didn't really see this as GFY. Nate may not have been with a man befo [...]


    Really enjoyed this book. I mean, it does contain one of my favorite themes. Nate and Mike just did it for me. Loved their tension, their banter and their love. ****April 2016: My fifty-eleventh reread of this book. ((sigh)). So damn good. I will always stop and read this book whenever I scroll to it on my Kindle. I will always read this book when I need something to make me smile or sigh or get the juices flowing (all of the puns intended). Hits all of my buttons. All of them. The cop partners. [...]


    Nothing very original but an enjoyable read. Not one, but two cops, an age gap and a seemingly straight guy that kissed his Training Officer as if he owned him.Their angry kisses are probably hotter than the sex they have.


    4 StarsThis was smokin' hot! Loved it!


    This review is from: A Rookie Move (Kindle Edition)The best thing about this story is the chemistry and ST between the MC's. To be honest not a lot really happens in the book apart from the growing attraction, will they/won't they tension and subsequent relationship and that's the reason I dropped half a star. As cops I thought perhaps a bit more of that side could have been explored and used a bit more than it was - there were some serious incidents but they weren't as gritty as they could have [...]

    Trisha Harrington

    This was a great book with great characters. Mike and Nate had a work partnership at first which became romantic. I loved the way they began and the fact Nate was not with his ex when they got together, I am not a huge fan of books when that happens. The sexual tension in the beginning of the book was really nice and the fast paced nature of their relationship made a shortish book a good read. Everything about this book balanced out nicely, even though it was not as long as some books. I really [...]


    This one gets 4.5 stars from me! And a cold shower!! Holy hotness Batman, there was a whole lot of smexy in this book. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters. Will look for more from this author!!


    Promising beginning but zero progress.Tension gone, interest goneDNF 60%


    Review originally posted at Sinfully.Mike Graham is a 15 year veteran of the LAPD. He is closeted at work and quietly lusting after his new trainee officer Nathan York. Nate is new to the force and appears to be quite different from his gruff partner Mike. Nate comes from a more upper class family and has a girlfriend that doesn’t appreciate him working as a cop, which is just apparently the latest problem in that relationship. After a quick introduction during Nate’s training, the story jum [...]


    This was a nice, fast, GFY (??) romance.So Mike is a seasoned police officer, often tasked with training rookies. His 'newest' rookie is Nathan, and they have been driving together for a year. During that year Mike's feelings have developed from: "annoying young'un!" to "holy shizzle I wanna get down and dirty with him!"So far Mike has hidden his feelings and 'gay-ness' well, and since Nathan is 'straight' and dating women it is not a problem Not until Nate breaks up with his girlfriend, and Nat [...]


    Novela que se lee casi del tirón, dos machos alfa doing the dirty ( y como!!), sencilla, sin irse por las ramas, entretenida y con una química genial. Una sorpresa agradable para disfrutar con un buen café. ♥♥♥

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