Oct 22, 2019
Blood Sinister
Posted by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

In her most gripping mystery yet, Cynthia Harrod Eagles returns readers to the streets of London and the ever struggling Detective Inspector Bill Slider When the body of Phoebe Agnew, radical left wing journalist, champion of the underdog, and prominent critic of the police force, is discovered, Inspector Slider must put aside any personal feelings for the victim and findIn her most gripping mystery yet, Cynthia Harrod Eagles returns readers to the streets of London and the ever struggling Detective Inspector Bill Slider When the body of Phoebe Agnew, radical left wing journalist, champion of the underdog, and prominent critic of the police force, is discovered, Inspector Slider must put aside any personal feelings for the victim and find her killer One of the first clues Slider finds is that on the day of her death the horribly undomesticated Agnew cooked an elaborate meal for someone Was it her old friend and reputed lover, Josh Prentiss Slider tries to pursue that angle, but since Prentiss is a Government advisor, the pressure is on Slider to look elsewhere.There are plenty anomalies for him to chase unidentified fingerprints, the object used to strangle Agnew is missing, alibis offered where none are required, the downstairs tenant lying about his whereabouts, and papers missing from Agnew s file As Slider struggles to untangle the web of lies and hidden relationships, his task is made harder by the strange behavior of his friend and colleague, Atherton, who seems to be on the verge of a breakdown.Tightly plotted and full of fascinating characters, Slider searches to find the key to Agnew s chillingly lonely life, but will he find it in time to prevent further tragedy

  • Title: Blood Sinister
  • Author: Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
  • ISBN: 9780312274856
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Blood Sinister In her most gripping mystery yet Cynthia Harrod Eagles returns readers to the streets of London and the ever struggling Detective Inspector Bill Slider When the body of Phoebe Agnew radical left win


    Bettie's Books


    I planned to read this series in order, but I've been traveling, and this is one of the few I could get on my Kindle. This writer is right on my wave-length. I laugh at her jokes and puns, which are many, and I admire her vivid characterizations and realistic dialogue. This one involved auld acquaintances and relationships which the detectives had to unearth--usually the kind of thing that irritates me, but here I thought it worked well.

    Catherine Woodman

    I have to say, reading three of these over a short period of time, I do find the plots unnecessarily complicated, and the author is particularly fascinated with unwanted pregnancies and subsequent offspring. Not to be too much of a shrink, but you have to wonder what's in her past that she is having trouble settling the score with that makes these themes so interesting to her. ANyway, this is competently written, and the author should not be read in bulk and all will be fine. THis one is potenti [...]


    Blood Sinister is proper police procedural with a now familiar cast. (Well, familiar if you have been reading the series in order as I have.) A journalist has been strangled and the evidence at the crime scene just doesn't make sense. Bit by bit Slider and his team learn pieces of what happened but seem to make no progress toward finding out who did it. But, of course in the end, they do. And Slider's love life is thrown for a loop again.



    Jerry B

    8th in the Bill Slider Series -- Maybe Best Yet!We'rem so glad we stumbled across Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, a prolific British writer we're guessing not well known here in the colonies, despite her portfolio of some 30+ books counting both these mysteries and over two dozen historical romances. We've only tried Bill Slider so far, but he's a wonderfully low-profile hero in the style of Dick Francis' leading men: guys you either want to be like (men) or want to be with (women). That our author can g [...]

    Christine Cody

    The author has an uncanny ability with dialogue, accents, descriptions to allow us to visualize her characters perfectly. From the obviously fey ex-dancer and now arts editor ("Oh, my dear, it was a spectacular disaster. Flopperissimo! Poor Noni was the best thing in it, and it was a complete kiss of death to her, poor lambter that no-one would touch her avec le bargepole.") to the sweet but smelly old widower who is pleased as punch to have the detective finally stop in to his filthy little nes [...]


    Phoebe Agnew – an investigative journalist – is found dead in her flat. During her career she has upset many different groups of people including the police but murder is murder and the culprit must be tracked down before anyone else loses their life. Battling with loose ends which appear to be dead ends and his sidekick, Jim Atherton, who seems to be heading for a breakdown, Slider has his work cut out. One of his suspects is an advisor to the government and he finds his investigations bloc [...]

    Gill Quinn

    This is what I would call a good old fashioned murder mystery. Not that it was set long ago, it wasn't, but because it is an easy to read detective novel with clues along the way. The characters are well written, sympathetic (you get the home background to the police officers) and as this is number 8 book of a series you feel like you know them. In this book a well known but not especially well liked political journalist is murdered. Because of her "prickly" character and her past there are a nu [...]


    Blood Sinister- GCynthia Harrod-Eagles - 8th in seriesJournalist Phoebe Cutler had a name for championing the underdog - and for attacking the police whenever the opportunity arose. Now she's dead, and Inspector Bill Slider must demonstrate the impartiality of the law and find her killer. But Cutler had enemies in high and low places, and more than one secret in her past; and there seems to be someone who definitely doesn't want Slider to come up with the answer.Not the best of hers but I still [...]


    Cynthia Harrod-Eagles' book titles sound like they were generated by a computer program with a list of adjectives and nouns that sound vaguely mystery-ish. That's a pretty minor complaint, though. On the whole, this was a little less transparent than the last one in the series, although crises in Slider's personal life are starting to get old. I keep reading my way through the series, though--she a really compelling writer and I enjoy these books.


    I liked this book because it was an excellent mystery. Even when I figured it out, I learned I still hadn't figured it out. Oddly enough, the word play in this one is not as good as her other books. Atherton was having a bad spell and it showed. I missed the plethora of double-entendres. On the other hand, Harrod-Eagles proved she could write a mystery without making everyone laugh over the puns and jokes and still have a great book.


    Just as good as her others. On the personal side, it totally leaves you hanging about Bill & Joanna's future. On the Job side, it also leaves you hanging a bit: the figure out who killed the victim and why, but they have no actual evidence, and the killer is nearly untouchable -- in his government position


    A really enjoyable read I thought I had the killer pegged but I, along with Slider, had it wrong. Kind of a strange end of the book but not really the end of the story. Regardless, the plot is rather involved but moves right along, and we don't know who dunnit until the very end. Will continue reading Ms. Harrod-Eagles.


    This series is a favorite and one I will probably reread. While far from the "cozy" category, it still features a detective superintendent who is kind and compassionate person, supervising an ensemble of quirky but decent detectives. Not so easy to find these days!


    This book has everything I love in a mystery - great characters and most of all, it takes place in England. I really loved it and it's a great read.

    Paul Secor

    A good entertainment


    This is the first Harrod-Eagles book I ever read and I rather enjoyed it.I’ll be coming back for more in this series.

    Mystery Lover

    Good mystery, but it could have been trimmed up quite a bit. Some of the dialog went on and on and on. But I'll read another one. This was my first.

    Gary Van Cott

    3.5 stars. Not bad although it tended to drag a bit. Interesting to me was that two of the threads in the plot have been used in more recent books by other UK authors.



    Mickey Hoffman

    Another excellent book in the series. Plot had me fooled.


    A very good mystery with intersting characters and lots of twists and turns in the plot. You finally do realize who was the murderer but then the book ends with two puzzles not solved.


    My second Bill Slider novel. I enjoyed the 1st one I read, Death To Go, so I'm looking forward to this one. A good easy read and I feel I'm getting to know the characters already.

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