Mar 30, 2020
Warrior of the West
Posted by M.K. Hume

The Epic Tale of Arthur, King of the Britons.Twelve long, blood soaked years have passed since Artor was crowned High King Against all odds, he has united Celtic Britain and banished the Saxon scourge The legend of Camlann has begun.But even as Artor s kingdom is at its zenith, even as he has succeeded in conquering all external threats to his rule, his kingdom is beingThe Epic Tale of Arthur, King of the Britons.Twelve long, blood soaked years have passed since Artor was crowned High King Against all odds, he has united Celtic Britain and banished the Saxon scourge The legend of Camlann has begun.But even as Artor s kingdom is at its zenith, even as he has succeeded in conquering all external threats to his rule, his kingdom is being undermined from within For Artor has chosen Wenhaver Guinevere as his queen and second wife Wenhaver will always love what she cannot have and have what she cannot love, and her bitterness threatens to bring down all those around her.Not only has Artor been betrayed by the one person he thought he should be able to trust, he has also learned of appalling perversion at the heart of his kingdom He must make a terrible choice Could all that Artor has fought for be lost Will Britain be torn apart

  • Title: Warrior of the West
  • Author: M.K. Hume
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  • Page: 198
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  • Warrior of the West The Epic Tale of Arthur King of the Britons Twelve long blood soaked years have passed since Artor was crowned High King Against all odds he has united Celtic Britain and banished the Saxon scourge

    Mogsy (MMOGC)

    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/201Of the many re-tellings and interpretations I've read based on the King Arthur mythos, I think M.K. Hume's is probably the most "scholarly" version I've ever come across. As an expert on Arthurian literature writing the series as more of a historical fiction than a fantasy, the author clearly went to great lengths to find the most accurate accounts of Arthur's reign. Still, she ultimately chose to tell the legends her way, and there are certainl [...]


    If this book had a face, I would happily punch it every day until next Christmas. As it doesn't, I'll have to settle for ranting about it instead. Its predecessor, King Arthur: Dragon's Child, was a decent bit of brain-candy imagining the younger years of Artorex that I enjoyed despite its flaws. Warrior of the West, catching up with King Artor twelve years later, compounded those flaws and nearly drove me to complete rage more than once - throughout the second half I had to take frequent breaks [...]


    I loved it and I hated it. If I could give two reviews one for the first part and one for the second one, I would.But first I have to say that I've read the first novel in the trilogy many years ago and I don't remember it much except that I didn't like it (plus some stuff in the plot) so I will not make comparison with the first novel or about character development.To write a review about this novel I will have to separate it into two parts.(view spoiler)[The first part of the novel is about Ar [...]


    This compelling epic masterpiece is truly spectacular, encapsulating the Arthurian legends in such exquisite detail!The remarkable sequel to Dragon’s Child continues the tale of Arthur, king of the Britons whose legendary tale is one cherished by so many readers. The story picks up from where it left off with Artor crowned High King and whose blood-soaked reign has lasted twelve long years. The Saxon scourge has been banished, replaced by a united Celtic Britain that has conquered external thr [...]


    I received an advanced reading copy from NetGalley. This is the second book in M.K. Hume's King Arthur Trilogy and I wanted to read them in order, so I ordered the first book as well. I read both back to back and really enjoyed them. I thought Warrior of the West surpassed the first book, which is rare. What I like about this book is that she does not put King Arthur up on a pedestal. You can see his heroics throughout the story, but she doesn't just throw him into God status like other King Art [...]


    difficult, didnt flow as well as first book. Again silly names.


    Absolutely fantastic book!! I think I may even like it even more than the first. It's instantly captivating as the opening of the book starts off with bloodshed closely followed by the almighty war between Artor and his united tribes and the Saxon force. The plot with Wenhaver was also really interesting, not the usual love story we hear about. Definitely looking forward to how that ends. Having briefly studied the history of Great Britain I found myself even more fascinated as I realised how mu [...]

    Ramoths Own

    I was very happy to read the second in the series and find that it held up very well against book one. I like this authors writing style and the way that she has built the world of Arthur and his friends, family and kingdom is excellent. I also for some reason am very into the fact that her Wenafar is not a nice person.

    Seregil of Rhiminee

    Originally published at Risingshadow.M. K. Hume's Warrior of the West continues the story of King Arthur in an exciting and entertaining way. Dragon's Child was an intriguing introduction to The King Arthur Trilogy, but this novel reveals the true vastness of the epic story arc that the author has created.Just like Dragon's Child, Warrior of the West is a gritty, mesmerizing and well written historical novel with a few fantastical elements. The fantastical elements include casting bones and prop [...]


    M.K.Hume’s Warrior of the West, #2 The King Arthur Trilogy, begins twelve years after Artor becomes High King of Briton. The warriors he sends under a truce flag including Gaheris, Queen Morgause’s youngest son to make a treaty with the Saxon leader, Glamring Ironfist, are murdered as they wait to parley. Artor must avenge these warriors sent in peace. The battle that follows is brutal, bloody, but King Artor’s plan succeeds. Ms. Hume’s writing is precise, and the reader gets a very vivi [...]


    Caius you wronging. From the start of the first book when he was talking down to Artor and then knocking his wife around. And that Queen of his, harlot is the best description of her.

    Rudi Opperman

    This books reads more like a historical novel than a book based on a myth. Perfect scene setting, rich characters, lots of intrigue and violence.

    Ian Banks

    This review first appeared on the sadly-defunct Specusphere website in 2010:I was really looking forward to reading this book: the first novel in Hume’s Arthurian trilogy was one of the standout books of 2009 for me. It was gripping, historically accurate and told a great story convincingly. I was also taken with the range of characters: callow Artor (Hume’s Arthur), in whom you could see the seeds of greatness; Caius (Kay), whose casual cruelty is held in check by his allegiance to his half [...]


    I loved Dragon's Child and absolutely adored Warrior of the West.This is perhaps one of the the most gritting realistic of the Arthurian novels and along with Mary Stewart's Merlin series and Kate McKenzie's Guinevere duo and its follow up, my favourite.It is absorbing , thrilling, heart-wrenching and nail biting. I found it a genuine page turner and often read on beyond the time I had allotted myself to see what happens nextIt is divided into two parts the first the continuation of the defensiv [...]

    Montse Gallardo

    El primero libro de la trilogía lo valoré con 3 estrellas, porque era un libro entretenido de aventuras. Este no pasa de 1 estrella; es malo, malo, malo Vale que Arturo, Merlín y Ginebra (y todos los demás) son personajes de leyenda, de los que apenas hay referencias históricas, pero un mínimo de rigor en la contextualización podría haber en una novela que pretende ser histórica (no lo es), y cuya escritora se define como experta en el tema artúrico (no voy a ser tan tajante en mi nega [...]

    Cassie Hawkings

    I have to say this is a fantastic sequel book Dragon's Child but I have had to stop and start reading this book because of the pacing.It's been 12 blood-soaked years since Artor became High King of the Britons. Over these years, Artor and his loyal band of followers have fought the Saxons and have succeeded on many occasions. He is a good king whom is beloved by his followers and his people. The Saxons want his head on a spike.After defeated the Saxon leader, Ironist, Artor is told to take anoth [...]


    I've read quite a number of re-tellings of Arthurian legend, M.K. Hume's interpretation by far is one of the best and one of my favourites. It is a realistically written - this book is refreshingly free of any supernatural happenings - good-read.In is second volume, which opens twelve years after Artor (Arthur) has been crowned High King, Thane Glamdring Ironfist, a fierce Saxon leader continues to attack Artor’s domain. Like in the first novel, Arthur is no idealized king – he is ruthlessly [...]


    What a beauty this is. Long and sprawling historical weaving of a large vastly different view of a story we all think we know. Done in a style that wraps us in a mist of old and a shroud of familiar yet strange light, and spiritis is the way I want to know about what life was like in this age full of honor and dishonor, death and life. Royalty and sacrifice, for the crown. It is a harsh reality, that spares no one. There is no simple magic to save this one or that one, it is cruelty on its worst [...]

    Alejandra Manzanilla ramírez

    Un segundo libro muy interesante, una adaptación de la leyenda o mito a una versión más real y definitivamente la interpretación de la autora me gusta.Mi personaje favorito de este libro es Niniana, hubiera sido la mujer ideal para Artor aunque los dos son de carácter fuerte.Mi personaje más odiado se lo ganó la reina, una versión completamente despreciable, pienso que Artor le aguantó demasiado, entiendo que era mejor callar y aguantar que verse en guerra con dos reyes de tribus muy po [...]


    Must say, didn't like book 2 as much as the first book. Mostly because you know/sense all of the bad stuff that must be coming in book 3.What was nice about this book is the slight variations on the story that M.K.Hume makes. The way Hume has used the characters to support Authur is wonderful. And the way he strips those characters away and shows/tells us how this is going to affect Authur is also brilliant. The new take on Queen G being so ANNOYING is heartbreaking, but also refreshes the story [...]

    Shelbi Baham

    For a fiction work, it is very bland. The author writes in a very dry, historical way, presenting facts and events with lots of numbers and battle descriptions and minimal embellishments to the plot lines. The first book in the series was better in this regard, but still dry. If you really like reading about military maneuvers, you may like these books. Otherwise, they are sub-par at best. The trilogy goes through the life of Arthur before his reign and in the early days of his reign, giving det [...]

    Danielle G

    Have you ever read a book where as you are reading a page you are screaming at the characters in your head, "No Don't do that! You are making a huge mistake!" Well I did that a lot in this book in regards to Artor marrying Wenhaver. She is truly a horrible horrible person. Anyway the book kept me reading through the night in order to finish the last half. It's exciting and I love the characters (except Wenhaver of course). I was happy to see the return of Nimue. This book was a great read and I [...]


    It took a little bit of time to get into the book, as I had taken a bit of a break after reading the first one. But it really took off for me when Artor took the spotlight. Then gradually the secondary characters stole my heart - and tried my patience!Nimue was wonderful, though I had a feeling of dread because I had no idea how the author was going to use the character and she hasn't meant good things in several adaptions I have seen.I lost a lot of sleep because I couldn't put the book down an [...]


    The fact I finally got around to reading this book is an accomplishment in and of itself because I read the first book of the trilogy a very long time ago, and had to re-read it recently, so I'm glad I got around to finishing this book.It was more exciting than the first and the character growth is brilliant, M.K. Hume is one of the few writers I think does the Arthurian legend justice with her unique take on it.I especially enjoy how she writes Gawayne.

    Barry Bridges

    I think I started this book too soon after the first in the series and I lost a bit of interest early on. Just another battle sort of thing. The book picked up, for me, with the arrival of Wenhaver (Guinevere) and Hume has done a fantastic job, once again, of turning a legend into something more realistic. I will leave a reasonable space of time before I attempt "The Bloody Cup" !!!


    A wonderful book and so beautifully written I'd find myself pausing to savour the words. For me, it doesn't get much better than this, even though I'm reading the books in the trilogy out of order. Now a personal favourite, along with Bernard Cornwell's 'Winter King' trilogy.

    C. Stuchl

    Thank you for the free book. I really liked this version of the King Arthur Legend. The characters were well defined and drew you into the story. It was a very a believable rendition of the ancient legend. Very well done.

    Laura Jackson

    I thought it was a great installment. I like the way Artor was having this raging battle with himself to not become his father and how he realises just how much he depends on his friends and advisors.

    Ashleigh Marks

    Brilliant book about Artor (Arthur Pendragon). This trilogy is worth reading to any Arthurian fan.

    Deborah Roussety

    amazing read,took me into another time and place,thank you M.K.Hume love your work

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