Jan 29, 2020
Freedom's Dawn
Posted by Ryk Brown

Episode 4 A ship under siege A world on the brink of civil war A distraught people seeking a new beginning A battle weary crew that can barely hold it together Even a legend can use a little help from time to time The crew of the Aurora, the Karuzari, and the Corinairans must find a way to work together or else they may all perish Freedom s Dawn is a 94,000 word noEpisode 4 A ship under siege A world on the brink of civil war A distraught people seeking a new beginning A battle weary crew that can barely hold it together Even a legend can use a little help from time to time The crew of the Aurora, the Karuzari, and the Corinairans must find a way to work together or else they may all perish Freedom s Dawn is a 94,000 word novel, and is the 4th episode in The Frontiers Saga Episode 5, Rise of the Corinari is available now.

  • Title: Freedom's Dawn
  • Author: Ryk Brown
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  • Page: 246
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  • Freedom s Dawn Episode A ship under siege A world on the brink of civil war A distraught people seeking a new beginning A battle weary crew that can barely hold it together Even a legend can use a little help from

    Per Gunnar

    I can’t say that I really disliked it but this book in the Frontiers Saga was not really my cup of tea. That’s primarily because, in this installment, the ship doesn’t really move an inch. It sits in orbit around Corinair throughout the entire book and most of the story revolves around guerrilla warfare down on the planet. What I liked about this book series and the previous three books in it was that it was indeed taking place on a space ship and there was some actual spaceship action. Th [...]


    “Freedom’s Dawn” is book four of the 15 book series “The Frontier Saga - Part 1” (yes, there are even more books in “The Frontier Saga - Part 2”!). This series is SciFi - not romance, and certainly not erotica or sex. While there are very strong women characters, they are in supportive roles to the lead male characters.Like book two, this book takes place primarily on a single planet, in this case: Corinair. There is interesting action and battles involving the two ships (Aurora an [...]


    This one was fairly weak. Starting to get tired of the incompetence of the protagonists and their naivete. The succeed through sheer dumb luck.


    3 stars. Good enough, and sometimes great, but I REALLY grow tired of Nathan's indiscretion. He's too open, confiding mission secrets to everyone. And I REALLY expected these clever chaps to put the clues together. Find the leak. But no. I had it figured early in the game.To quote another: "Freedom's Dawn [occasionally] left me feeling that the crew of the Aurora simply blundered through one action scene after another, only surviving due to luck."I like the strong women. Abby. Chen. Commander Ca [...]

    Don Viecelli

    From My Review Number 37:The second review is on Freedom’s Dawn, from The Frontiers Saga Episode 4. The saga continues on Corinair where Nathan has his hands full trying to understand where he and his crew fit in with the local Legend of Origins. It seems the people on Corinair believe him to be Na-Tan, the deliverer from oppression. Corinair and its people have been decimated by the Ta’Akar attack. Now they must prepare for war against the king, Caius, who rules the star system. Recently th [...]

    Mark Zodda

    Horrible. I am torn in how to write this review because I liked the three previous books in the series. Ryk Brown is a better author than I could ever hope to be, but this story was beyond bad. It was hard to read because I knew that something stupid was about to happen on purpose. Slow moving with incomprehensible decisions made by the characters as though they were trying to make as many mistakes as possible and screw up everything possible. It was almost as though the Data Ark had contained o [...]


    Another great instalment. When I saw from other reviewers that this was based mainly on the planet I was a little wary, but the action was well balanced between the planet and the ship. Yes the ship did not move but that did not matter, and the ship desperately needed more crew. This is the start of that process. Their were some really interesting questions raised at the end of the story, leaving you wanting more.

    Peter Kenson

    Much slower pace than the first three books. Basically a pot boiler setting the scene for the rest of the series. Slightly disappointing and the number of typos was an irritation.


    I'm not going any further with this series. This book literally never went anywhere. The protagonists' ship is stuck in orbit the entire time while we're supposed to take this one-dimensional evil captain as a serious threat. Yet the beleaguered crew is whittled down relentlessly leaving the reader wonder if ever the 'good guys' will catch even one little break along the way. This book could be twice as good with half as many pages. I've got other things to read so for now the next installments [...]

    Will Hudson

    Ok, I am officially in love with this series. This soooo needs to be a TV show. Do you hear my SyFy? Capt Scott and crew are doing everything they can to do what is right. Enormous odds are against them, but time and time again they come out by the skin of their teeth. The author has started adding some character back story and that just makes you care more and more about the crew. Can't wait to see what happens next.

    Peter Sidell

    It keeps getting betterI keep wondering if I want to commit to such a long read, but each episode is enough better to leave me ready and waiting for the next. I guess I can be grateful that I started reading after the Frontier saga was complete.Realism is enhanced by the storyteller's willingness to let major characters die from time to time, and also by the clever way he adds surprising wrinkles to the character's personalities and loyalties.


    Overall, this is a pretty good series but this latest Episode 4 drags in a few paces, and it wasn't until the last 20% or so of the Kindle version that the pace finally picked up and I didn't want to put the book down. The slow parts really could have been condensed into about 1/3 of the original content, and I would prefer the series get back to a real sci fi book vs. a little bit of a mystery.If you haven't read any of the series, you need to start with book #1!


    Freedom's DawnWhat a great thrill ride, loved the storyline and the action was non stop. I was engrossed from start to finish, There are many heroes and lots of death defying moments. Nathan the young inexperienced captain of the ship Aurora is a great character who you can really relate too. Fab


    So finally we have some action again. There are gunfights, treachery, boardings, boomers, tunnels, riots, and nuclear tipped missiles. It's actually quite an entertaining book.While orbiting Corinair intending to make repairs to the ship, the Aurora gets drawn into a battle to save Corinair from destruction. Now they have to save their ship.

    Michael Browne

    The reviews are TRUEAs nearly every other reviewer has stated, this is one of the best sci-fi series you'll ever read. I've read the first four books and could not put them down. After just finishing episode four I immediately bought episode five.

    David Syzdek

    Riveting and fast paced What a fun ride! This book is excellent hard science fiction, with fleshed out characters, constant action, a fascinating plot all taking place in a believable and fascinating universe.

    Louise Pass

    Space opera!Read this book, and the whole series. It is totally worth your time. Well written, believable characters facing adversity And growing with the challenge


    When science fiction includes enemies with old-fashioned hierarchical societies (nobility) it's always a bad sign.A legend of origin, planetary politics, an enemy boarding party that tries to take over the space ship and to no surprise at all is defeated in the end.This whole episode could be summarised in a few sentences. It feels like a filler and not even a good one.Plain vanilla, by the numbers and 100% predictable.Tis episode includes a small cliffhanger with good reason, because story, cha [...]


    I enjoyed the first 3 books of the series, but now things are getting a bit repetitive, border line with tedious. I guess my adventure with the Frontiers Saga ends here!

    Shelly Singhal

    ExcellentA worthy sequel to the first three books. Loved the whole Corinari plot, along with the capture of the ship and the civil war. Great series. The plot moves along and the characters are growing into their roles.

    Jean Poulos

    This is book four in the Frontier Series. Aurora is damaged and in need of repair and upgrade. The Aurora is in obit above the planet of Corinair. In the prior book Aurora fought off a Ta’Akar warship that was going to destroy the planet. Most of the action in this episode takes place on the planet and only toward the end does action return to Aurora when a commando group attempts to take control of the ship. Brown uses this episode to introduce us to the legend of Na Tan. The people of Corina [...]

    Nick Grayson

    a very entertaining science fiction book the action mostly follows nathan cross a young guy with good instincts if not always following protocol. It's an easy to understand story, nothing new here just good old fashion ships in space. i've read the first four books in the series and i'll post this review for all of them. I read them in a row cause they are quite smaller then what I'm used too and at first very addictive reading the only detraction came from the fact that the characters couldn't [...]

    Pauli Koskinen

    On the The Freedom's dawn things go up a notch, and that's a good thing. The good:- Manages finally to deliver proper believable suspense scenes.- Overally the writing is far superior to that off second or first or third book.- Fits perfectly with all previous books.- Forced urgency is becoming belieavable at last.- Well writen additional chracters!- This book has much more flow than all the previous books.- There is lot going on in lot of places most of it even intresting.- Very good book in it [...]

    Dean McLaughlin-Townsend

    Because of the time crunch that I had in doing my final two books, I basically read this book in two nights, not sleeping so I could do so. Anyway, this installment in the Frontiers Saga mainly takes place on the ships the Aurora and the Yamaro directly after the Aurora took possession of the Yamaro because it was bombing the planet Corinair. The main events take place on the ships, and there are many battles between the Takarans and the crew of the two ships, but in the end, the crew wins cause [...]


    The different cultures that the human race has developed into is very interesting. I still find the major characters interesting and appreciate how each of them grow, albeit some more slowly than others. This series is very easy to read and does not have to many technical explanations about technology. A very comfortable read that lulls me into the warm and soft worlds like Star Trek, and some major action such as Star Wars. If you are looking for thought provoking literature, however, this ain' [...]

    Donovan Walker

    This was a transition book, ending one phase of the series and beginning another.There were some incredibly silly/bad excuses for plot advancement (turrets), and more 'retracking' than I like (re-explaining details, scenes, technologies within a chapter or two) I'd say Brown's fundamental writing is getting better. I'm looking forward to the next book. Hopefully the editors will call 'bs' on some of the poor ideas/points. (the fighter intercept work was flawed, but very interesting)Overall I'd s [...]

    Mike Nemeth

    Good novel. Ryk Brown's fast-paced style doesn't always work. I've noticed over four of the books that he should do a little back tracking or at least add a prologue to update the characters. In my case, it had been some months between the last one, and I wasn't always sure of the characters. This novel is all about intrigue and survival. The Aurora and crew make major errors in judgement and continue to just avoid certain death. Some of their moves were so frustrating to me they led me to put t [...]

    Patrick Barnes

    Hero becomes iconThe entire crew of the starship become icons to a planet in revolt against an evil empire. The process is tense, tangled and lethal. It's cliche and certainly forced but the writer is consistent.The action includes threats to the earth starship that should have been easily foreseen. The characters are under a lot of pressure. For me at least, that made the drama more cartoonish than tense. Despite that he seems to be ready to begin making the character's grow or grow up.

    Scott Sammons

    Predictable, but well written.I often complain about books that go on and on without end. This series is very long winded, it has been four books and just covered four weeks of story line. The quality of writing, likability of characters, and great use of archetypes, makes up for some of the rather silly rabbit trails in the story line. There is some rather strange girl power that I think I will have to reread a few times to digest.

    Andrew Wilson

    Incredibly clichet still pretty enjoyable. These books read a lot like television episodes and I quite like that. They are very quick, easy reads that don't require too much thought. That's not always what I'm looking for but when I come back to this series each time that's what I'm expecting. This is only the fourth book but so far they are very consistent. I'd recommend the series but don't take it too seriously, you might find yourself cringing every now and then.

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