Nov 18, 2019
Love Beyond Time
Posted by Nancy Campbell Allen

Amber Saxton is a bright young LDS doctor on the cutting edge of twenty first century medicine But when she has a head on collision with a swinging door, life as she knows it is suddenly reduced to a heart full of searing memories when she awakens in another time and place How can she practice modern medicine of a Civil War battlefield and how can she get out of this mAmber Saxton is a bright young LDS doctor on the cutting edge of twenty first century medicine But when she has a head on collision with a swinging door, life as she knows it is suddenly reduced to a heart full of searing memories when she awakens in another time and place How can she practice modern medicine of a Civil War battlefield and how can she get out of this mess She longs for her comfortable apartment and her dear little Primary class, but she s trapped in a world that is not her own And it s anything but friendly.Meanwhile, Tyler Montgomery, and overworked accountant, is spending the night at his computer, prepareing for an audit, when two of his worst nightmares walk through his office door The last thing he remembers is a blow from the butt of their sawed off shotgun until he comes to in a tiny room adjacent to a nineteenth centuy Army hospital I ve died and I m not in heaven, he thinks.Amber and Tyler have just begun the adventure of their lives, fraught with danger, intrigue, and unbelievable discoveries at every turn Thrown together in a world apart, they must somehow find their way back to the present But first, they need to find each other and learn what matters most in life Can they meet the test or will it cost them their lives before they can unravel the mystery of generations past First time novelist Nancy Campbell Allen has created a riveting story filled with enough adventure and romance to last two lifetimes

  • Title: Love Beyond Time
  • Author: Nancy Campbell Allen
  • ISBN: 9781577345404
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love Beyond Time Amber Saxton is a bright young LDS doctor on the cutting edge of twenty first century medicine But when she has a head on collision with a swinging door life as she knows it is suddenly reduced to a


    I would have totally given this book a 5-star rating if it weren't for the abrupt ending!! It was a fantastic read and I really enjoyed learning about the civil war. The main characters were well developed and kept me interested to see what would happen next. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but I felt that the ending was too abrupt. It went from the end of one crucial and nail-biting scene to the epilogue. I just wanted more to the story than a few sentences summarizing how everything [...]


    I just ordered this one and it came in today. I'm over a third of the way through already. Good read so far!---I can't believe how fast this one was to read. It isn't too long, but it was a good book! I just love time-travel books, especially those that don't get to technical or specific about all the ramifications of the time travel. I can't help but be surprised about the quality and quantity of LDS fiction these days. I knew things had changed from when I was a teenager when I stumbled upon B [...]

    Hilary Roberts

    I gave this book four stars because it actually got an emotional response from me. I admit I cried twice. I'm not normally one to enjoy books with anything that couldn't really happen (like time travel), but I enjoyed this one. Great love story! Plus, perfect length -- quick read.


    A fun book to curl up on the sofa and read, the ending is predictable and a little cheesy but still good!


    Enjoyable. It was an enjoyable book. It had a nice pace. There were aspects of it that were very unrealistic (everyone accepts them and Tyler get promoted after a week). Also, while understand that when people meet in high tension times, the emotional bond can be stronger, I still thought they came to love each other too soon. I also didn't realize how religious this book was. I read and enjoyed the book, but I felt almost blindsided, especially toward the end when it progressed from a few menti [...]


    I really enjoyed this book. The only thing I struggled with is a few of the things in the book didn't make sense. Time travel books can be hard to be plausible but other than the one item it was well written.


    This was a great read even though the core of the story (love in different times) is one that is seen often enough.

    Sara ♥

    December 21-22, 2016Took a QUICK break from my reread of the Harry Potter series to squeeze this in before Christmas. I wish it was longer. I don't know what the deal is with LDS novels always being under 200 pages. "Real" novels are 300 pages, people. Get with the program, Covenant Communications! Short books like this could be flushed out with much-needed character development and historical details and be TRULY AMAZING!!!!! LDS authors will never rise to their full potential if you don't push [...]

    Kathy * Bookworm Nation

    Although I have a rather large stack of library books (32) to read, I kept hearing Tyler and Amber calling to me and I decided to skip the library books and go for a familiar favorite. This is the kind of book that sucks you in right from the start. Under normal circumstances Amber and Tyler would probably never meet. They are both workaholics and it takes a little time travel for them to finally get together. I like the struggles Amber has to go through as a doctor. I can only imagine how awful [...]

    Rosemary Cantrell

    This is written by an LDS author, so is a clean read, which I greatly appreciate. I do not believe that novels need to be graphic to tell a story. However, this book involves time travel, which I often don't like. It is also a bit too much "Mormon." I am a Mormon and understood what was being said, but it sometimes came across as a bit preachy.As to the time travel, this one worked better than many. Amber is a doctor and Tyler is an accountant who both get tossed back in time to the Civil War. H [...]

    Michelle Llewellyn

    Set in Washington DC, Amber and Tyler are the main characters from 1999 who experience separate freak accidents, waking up to find themselves in 1862, smack dab in the middle of a war. After their discovery of each other, Amber and Tyler realize they must work together to get themselves home. The story is filled with adventure, a bad guy to apprehend and hundreds of war casualties who need Dr. Amber's help. Tyler isn't sure what to think of this headstrong Mormon woman while Amber, as the only f [...]


    I loved this book. Make no mistake, this fits in the LDS Fiction genre, but it works. The plot line felt realistic enough that I actually looked up one of the people in Google to see if he really existed. The story moved along quickly, never racing the reader along too quickly nor dragging them either. I don't think I would recommend it to non-LDS people because that's not who it was written for, but I would seriously recommend it to teens who like adventure and romance mixed with a bit of fanta [...]

    Cindy S

    Be ready for a time-traveling swoosh-buckling ride when you read about Bri Montgomery and her archaeologist mom, Adelle, who have gone to the site of Conall Castle in Scotland! They have gone in search of a hidden spell room to solve the mystery behind its destruction. While in the ruins, Bri is transported to 1645 in exchange for Blaire MacChristy (who seems identical in appearance as Bri), who is to wed Laird Eoin Conall to unite their territories. Will Adelle and Bri be able to discover the c [...]


    What a fun book to read! I was drawn in right from the beginning. Both Amber and Tyler were interesting characters and I immediately wanted to learn what made them tick. I loved the way he wanted to watch out for her and protect her right from the start, and the way she felt lost when he was out of her sight. The witty banter between them was non stop and kept me laughing. Amber's teasing personality was relentless. The time travel element was so well done, and I loved the history and reminders [...]


    Amber Saxton is a bright young Latter-day Saint woman doctor on the cutting edge of first century medicine working in the ER. When Tyler Montgomery arrives after being hit on the head, Amber going to order test walks into a door that is being opened. Both Amber and Tyler wake up in a hospital in Washington D.C. in the middle of the Civil War. What they experience will help them learn what matters most in life.


    Amber is a young doctor, she has an accident with a swinging door and ends up in another time period.Tyle is an overworked accountant that is assulted by the butt off a sawed off shotgun. He is also transferred to another time period to help change history. He finds a great, great, great, great, great,great grandfather who is a bad guy and turns him in.Needless to say they end up in an hospital with Amber taking care of tyler in modern day times. Good read!


    Excellent book! I didn't expect the LDS aspect so that was a nice surprise. I loved reading about the growing relationship between Tyler and Amber as they had to find a way to get back to their time and deal with their new surroundings. Loved the historical aspect, especially getting seeing how Amber was able to find a way to use her modern knowledge in a historical setting. Absolutely great read!


    This is tied for my favorite romance novel. The plotline lured me in and it trapped me fair and square. I found this book while I was in my romance spree. (I go on romance sprees after reading a particularly good romance novel.) My mom suggested we look on amazon for LDS romance and I eventually found this. I sat in my front room and read the whole thing through, enjoying every bit of it.


    This is quite fascinating! It makes you wonder if the concept of time travel is even possible, given the circumstances. It also makes you appreciate the modern conveniences of the 21st century, because since the setting was during the Civil War, modern medicine and conveniences were not available then. My only complaint is that I should have read this sooner. :)


    I've read this book before, but it is a great story that I like to come back to again and again. It has a unique plot (traveling back in time to the Civil War) and a sweet romance. I love it! I enjoyed it so much that I decided to buy myself a used copy on-line. Some books are just so fun to skim and reread when you need a nice break from life. Let me know if anyone wants to borrow it.


    I enjoyed this book a bit, it was fast and easy to read, but I did find the LDS bits kind of cheesy--it almost took away from the book in my opinion, which is kind of sad to say, it was just weird and didn't seem to fit! Oh well, I guess it was entertaining--there are 2 more after this one with just people that know the characters from this one.


    I enjoyed this book, which is saying a lot because I don't particularly enjoy the genre this book is placed in (LDS romance). I thought Nancy Allen did a great job balancing her research and the fiction aspects in this story. It didn't have the typical cheesy lines (that most LDS fiction tends to over flow with) and I appreciate that.


    I LOVED this book!!!!!!Nancy A. Campbell is definitely my favorite LDS books writer. I read this book 3 times in less than 48 hours. The story is great and I love the way she gets me interested in History:)


    I really enjoyed this one. I haven't read anything else like it before and I liked how the story played out. You got to see how the characters grow and the conversion story made me cry as I remembered my own. I really did want to slug the General though ;)


    This book is the most amazing love story ever!!!!It is funny, romantic, and it takes place in Civil War times, and you know how much I love American History!!Seriously though, this is one of my favorite books of all time!


    Good read. I like the history that she puts into this story and the twists that come along. I'm not sure I agree with the way she portrays the main heroine and her relationship with the hero. But it all works out in the end and I loved it :).


    Time travel (and especially unexplained time travel) is always a little hard to swallow, but the author made the story interesting enough if we could just buy into the whole idea of going back to the 1800's and home again with a bump on the head.


    It was a book about two people in our time finding themselves in Civil War time in the middle of the war and participating in it. They interacted with some of their relatives and helped uncover something illegal happening in the military. I enjoyed it.

    Rebekah Gray

    I haven't read this book since I was in high school, but I bet I read it 3 times! I loved it


    It was a fast read. I enjoyed it. Although it was what I expected: a very frictional and predictable love story:)

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