Apr 02, 2020
Maigret in Vichy
Posted by Georges Simenon Eileen Ellenbogen

Paris has taken its toll and Maigret is sent to Vichy for the cure, but the Inspector finds it difficult to give his curiosity a rest He compiles a mental dossier on his fellow guests, including a curious woman he and Madam Maigret note in particular the lady in lilac When a headline in the local paper announces the woman s murder, Maigret with some relief interParis has taken its toll and Maigret is sent to Vichy for the cure, but the Inspector finds it difficult to give his curiosity a rest He compiles a mental dossier on his fellow guests, including a curious woman he and Madam Maigret note in particular the lady in lilac When a headline in the local paper announces the woman s murder, Maigret with some relief interrupts his routine to aid the investigation The arrival of the dead woman s sister provokes questions than answers but Madame Maigret, as always, puts everything in the proper perspective.

  • Title: Maigret in Vichy
  • Author: Georges Simenon Eileen Ellenbogen
  • ISBN: 9780156551403
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maigret in Vichy Paris has taken its toll and Maigret is sent to Vichy for the cure but the Inspector finds it difficult to give his curiosity a rest He compiles a mental dossier on his fellow guests including a cur


    MAIGRET TAKES THE WATERS. (Orig. title: Maigret a Vichy). (1968). Georges Simenon. ****.Maigret has recently been told by his doctor that he needs to slow down and begin taking better care of his body. It was recommended that he visit Vichy and take advantage of their healthful springs. He and his wife make the trip and soon settle into a routine of drinking the recommended amount of water from various of the springs, and beginning a regimen of walks about the resort. He and Mrs. Maigret slowly [...]

    Benjamin Thomas

    One more stop is now complete on my grand sampling tour of the great fictional detectives of 20th century fiction with the completion of my first Detective Maigret novel. I realize, of course, that a reader can hardly get a good feel for a character such as this by only reading a single novel of the set. After all, author Georges Simenon wrote some seventy-five novels and twenty-eight short stories about Maigret which were published between 1931 and 1972 and there have been several radio and TV [...]


    Adoro tutti i gialli di Maigret, a cui do generalmente 4*.Questo ne merita 5: la trama è più complicata del solito; Maigret non indaga in veste ufficiale mostrando il meglio di se; non è ambientato a Parigi; si hanno più sprazzi della vita intima di Maigret con la moglie. Insomma è un insolito Maigret.

    Thomas Strömquist

    Commissarie Maigret, Simenon's inimitable detective in a large number of books, is in Vichy with his wife, 'taking the waters', for health reasons. Their rest and recuperation is, however, cut short, when one of the guests is murdered.


    Il commissario, a riposo per sottoporsi alla cura delle acque, si trova a Vichy, dove un’atmosfera malinconica avvolge le strade ed i suoi abitanti; poi, a sorpresa, un omicidio vede Maigret illustre spettatore che non può indagare ufficialmente.Eppure, grazie anche alla serenità di quella vacanza con la moglie, insolitamente insieme per ventiquattrore al giorno, può liberamente pensare, riflettere, intuire, fino a dare un contributo decisivo alle indagini facendole convergere verso un fina [...]


    Simenon è gradevole, sempre. E questo, che è il suo più gran pregio, è anche il suo maggior difetto. Pochi brividi, suspence al minimo, colpi di scena quasi zero, trama godibile, lettura agevole. Anche troppo. Però i personaggi sono tutti perfetti, una comedie humaine del 20° secolo, senza tutto il contorno - quasi incomprensibile ai giorni nostri, senza l'apparato delle note! - balzachiano. E quindi, quando ci si vuole riposare e non si ha voglia della petulante Christie, Simenon è l'ide [...]

    Hugh Laybourn

    great twist at the end


    Simenon is such a fine writer with such a great heart!


    Sarà l’ormai approfondita conoscenza con il commissario Maigret che aggiunge piacere ad ogni nuova lettura delle sue avventure, non saprei, è accaduto che questa inchiesta mi ha appassionato e coinvolto in modo più forte delle precedenti lette.L’atmosfera vacanziera fa bene al nostro commissario, che trascorre giornate piacevoli alle terme di Vichy con la moglie, tra lunghe passeggiate lungo viali bordati di platani e bevute –di bicchieri di acqua, stavolta, non della solita birra-, seg [...]


    A typical Simenon -- leisurely pace, little characterization and an intellectual puzzler. Not much happens for the first sixth of the book, but the plot clicks along pretty well after that. The story appears in measured bites, and one can guess most of the denouement well in advance.Either the writing or the translation is rather clumsy, but Maigret outings are about the puzzle and not the elegance of the prose. I am really at 3.5 stars, but this is a pleasant enough speedy read.


    In the middle of the 20th century the French writer Georges Simenon wrote dozens of murder mysteries featuring Commissaire Maigret of the Paris police force. This particular novel takes place in Vichy, where Maigret and Madame Maigret are taking the waters to help him recover from vague physical symptoms, symptoms probably due to overwork. While they are there a murder occurs, and the investigation is led by Lecoeur, a former policeman of Maigret who is now in charge of the region where Vichy is [...]

    Phillip Kay

    Maigret Takes the Waters was first published in 1968 as Maigret à Vichy. It was translated by Eileen Ellenbogen. Maigret is taking the cure at Vichy under doctor’s orders, together with his wife. While there, he enjoys himself by noting the patients and their oddities. One woman he takes note of is later found strangled, and Maigret is unavoidably drawn into the investigation. It is not a matter of robbery, but seems a crime of passion. Yet the woman had no friends, almost no acquaintances, s [...]

    Pamela Mclaren

    I really like the character Georges Simenon created. Maigret feels real, acts like a likable bear and can't be as deadly for a criminal. In this story, he feels his age and a friend and doctor suggest that he vacation (a true, three-week vacation unlike others he has taken) and take the cure in Vichy. He and his wife walk a lot, drink the water from two springs and generally get away from all the usual routines but murder does follow. At first, Maigret attempts to steer away but that is like ask [...]


    In crime novels as in life, there's a tendency to oversimplify, with one character cast as the victim and another as the villain. Georges Simenon habitually delves deeper into heart of his characters, blurring the distinction between "good" and "bad," showing that there's a little of both in most of us.Maigret in Vichy is a fine example of this. On vacation with his wife, Maigret is inadvertently drawn into helping solve a local murder. But as his watchful, nonjudgmental way of gaining informati [...]


    The Chief Inspector is in Vichy with his wife. On advice of Dr Pardon he is "taking the cure", drinking the waters, taking long walks, avoiding alcohol and people-watching. For a change he is blissfully enjoying his days, not thinking about the Quai, just living life, Then (of course) a brutal crime is committed. Maigret is not in charge, officially not even involved. He keeps his hand in nonetheless, and things are not what they seem. His final words are "maybe he will be acquitted".

    Marti Martinson

    Maigret is out of his jurisdiction but not out of his league. With no suspects in this resort town murder, he conjures up a profile and solves the murder with stake-outs by the local police. Simenon writes masterfully: characters, plot, scenery; I still have difficulty following his dialogue.I actually do NOT like the conclusion. The murder cannot be excused nor justified. This is still an intriguing tale.

    Mike Clinton

    While the plot has an interesting twist, the real appeal has to do with Simenon's concentration on Maigret's internal life - more of a character study of the protagonist than a mystery. In fact, the French word for books of this type - 'policiers', rather than 'roman mystere' - indicates that the real focus is on the detective himself. Still, the story was still compelling enough to make it a satisfying read for what it is.


    Maigret ist in Vichy auf Kur, beobachtet seine Mitmenschen, stößt auf ein Verbrechen und klärt es. Ein neuer Beleg für die These:das Verbrechen lauert in der Idylle, hinter jeder Fassade wird etwas verborgen. Mit nachvollziehbaren Typen und Erklärungen von Menschen, die auf Kur sind. Stimmig und atmosphärisch dicht in Simenons kanpper Sprache

    Richard Brand

    While this is more a story about good police work and the process of discovery, it is a clever twist to the murder story and one in which you end up thinking that the murderer might be a better person than the victim. Simenon writes in a kind of slow and deliberate pace and things move of their own power. It is not hard reading.


    My first ever Maigret. I feel lucky that a I have all the others to read, having read all the Christies, Chandlers, Heyers (regency, not crime) to bits. And all in the name of improving my French! Beautifully written, full of detail that made me look at images of Vichy on Google. Enchanted to see that a French lady in the sixties might call her salon a "living room" to make it sound more chic!


    One of Simenon's best. An unforgettable main character whose real story is quite unpredictable. We also see Maigret and his wife in the spa atmosphere of Vichy. I especially like the Maigrets which give little insights into his private life.


    Maigret takes "the curative waters". I like it because is reminds me of one my fave healing places.I like mysteries because they are not the most difficult, relaxing read, and they tell you something of the writer and culture. You can feel the French even with the translation.Finished, enjoyed.


    a fun read.Hadn't ever read Simenon before.(on doit le lire en francais, non?)*(she says, with her mauvais francais)*though I've the French edition here, I read it in English, a discarded library book circa 1960.


    Fast read, engrossing with an interesting approach to character development and investigation. First Maigret story I've read, will probably read more.


    sehr gut


    La creme de la creme of the Policiers! Magritte rocks!!!!


    Even though these books aren't really about who did it, I'm still so proud I figured this one out before the end. All those hours of watching Law and Order are finally paying off




    I'm reading the French edition of this book. Great French practice. I love the character Maigret.


    First, I'm a Maigret fan. Secondly, I spent a summer in Vichy as a teenager many years ago. This book has it all. My favorite Simenon mystery.

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