Dec 12, 2019
She Returns From War
Posted by Lee Collins

Four years after the horrific events in Leadville, a young woman from England, Victoria Dawes, sets into motion a series of events that will lead Cora and herself out into the New Mexico desert in pursuit of Anaba, a Navajo witch bent on taking revenge for the atrocities committed against her people.File Under Dark Fantasy The Wilder West Unseen Forces A ConspiracyFour years after the horrific events in Leadville, a young woman from England, Victoria Dawes, sets into motion a series of events that will lead Cora and herself out into the New Mexico desert in pursuit of Anaba, a Navajo witch bent on taking revenge for the atrocities committed against her people.File Under Dark Fantasy The Wilder West Unseen Forces A Conspiracy Fight For Life From the Paperback edition.

  • Title: She Returns From War
  • Author: Lee Collins
  • ISBN: 9780857662767
  • Page: 237
  • Format: ebook
  • She Returns From War Four years after the horrific events in Leadville a young woman from England Victoria Dawes sets into motion a series of events that will lead Cora and herself out into the New Mexico desert in pur

    Kathy (Kindle-aholic)

    Oh, Lee Collins, I love this world you have created, but you kick me when I'm down!Not necessarily a bad thing, mind you, but I had a couple of ARGH moments. I am going to try my hardest to be non-spoilery, but this is a book 2, so be warned.I really, REALLY liked book 1, The Dead of Winter (you can see that review here). An older, experienced female lead, lots of kickass action, all set in the late 1800s American West = miles of YES. Also, while we mainly followed Cora's POV (3rd person through [...]

    Milo (BOK)

    “A fun and entertaining ride through the really wild west.” ~The Founding FieldsSo, the second novel in the Cora Oglesby series is certainly interesting. Whilst it may not be as good as The Dead of Winter, which was a superb debut, it didn’t quite match the high-quality set by The Dead of Winter which is a bit of a let down. However, there are still strong elements about this novel and you should not pass it up."Four years after the horrific events in Leadville, a young woman from England, [...]


    In She Returns From War Lee Collins takes the reader back to the world he created in The Dead of Winter. We return to that book's heroine Cora Ogelsby four years after the events recounted in it. This time however, the point-of-view character isn't Cora, it is a young British lady called Victoria Dawes. After losing her parents to what appear to be large, black hounds of a supernatural nature, which attack them on the road one night, she swears vengeance and turns to Cora for help. Cora has gott [...]

    Mike (the Paladin)

    I really liked the first book in thisries. Sadly I can't say that here. Also sadly I bought this one. There will be spoilers for the first book in this review. I'll try to put them under spoiler tags along with the spoilers for this book but forgive me if one slips by. I will be assuming that if you plan to read this one you have read the first.Here our main charactern't the main character we got to know in the first book. Cora is not only not the main character she's almost a foil to introduce [...]


    When Victoria Dawes, a proper young Englishwoman, sees her parents killed by savage beasts, she embarks upon a journey of revenge. Her journey will take her to Albuquerque NM, in order to enlist the aid of seasoned monster hunter Cora Oglesby. Before Victoria’s parents can be avenged, first they must face the menace of a Navaho skinwalker.Collins’ first novel, Dead of Winter, was one of my surprise finds of 2012. It was a solid weird West tale featuring a unique voice and great plot twists. [...]


    ***3 1/2 StarsIn a word: Atmospheric, two feisty heroines, some poignant moments, but an ultimately unfocused plotThe sequel to last year’s The Dead of Winter, a book I loved and gave five stars to, She Returns From War unfortunately fell short for me for several reasons. The first book was driven by the strong and feisty character of Cora, a monster hunter who rides a horse and carries a gun. Collins’ story and pacing were excellent, and he surprised the reader with a twist at the end that [...]

    Ranting Dragon

    rantingdragon/review-oShe Returns from War is the second novel from American author Lee Collins, and it continues the story of old west supernatural gun-slinger Cora Oglesby four years after the events of her debut in The Dead of Winter.Nobody retires from a job like thisShe Returns from War opens with the tragic story of young Englishwoman Victoria Dawes, who, after a harrowing encounter with the supernatural, is directed toward now-retired Cora to help her face her demons (figurative and liter [...]


    See this review and others like it at BadassBookReviews!Lee Collins' "Cora Oglesby" series has been described as True Grit meets True Blood. It's a western that takes place during the Old West gold rush, but it includes paranormal creatures such as vampires, hellhounds, and wendigos. Cora is a sometimes bounty hunter that focuses on the supernatural beasties. The series has a dry humor and an in your face heroine in the form of Cora. She doesn't take lip from anyone and lives up to the reputatio [...]


    *Genre* Western meets Paranormal*Rating* 3.5*Review*I am remorseful that this series is only two books long. I am remorseful that I did NOT read the first book "The Dead of Winter" before reading this one and will do my best to remedy that situation asap! I am saddened that the book wasn't told through the eyes of Cora Oglesby but rather Victoria Dawes. It was through Victoria's eyes that we arrived at our meeting with Cora and it was through Victoria's eyes that the series comes to an abrupt en [...]


    Unlike many others this second book for me was more enjoyable than book 1 The Dead of Winter, it was actually a pleasure that Cora Oglesby was more of a secondary character as compared to that of Victoria Dawes. The way in which this was accomplished however still allowed the reader to spend enough time with Cora that her presence was not missed when she was not front and center of the plot.The refined young English woman is not the same young woman who returns home at the end of the book and se [...]

    Stephanie Griffin

    40% in and I can't take it anymore. Cora just isn't the same character as in The Dead of Winter, which I loved.

    Ben Babcock

    Lee Collins has gone and done it, people. He has made me a fan of a Western-based series. I never thought I would see the day. But if I likedThe Dead of Winter, then I guess I loved She Returns from War. This sequel is everything I wanted and nothing like what I expected; Collins manages to satisfy my appetite while simultaneously surprise and delight.Whereas The Dead of Winter is a straightforward story about hunting monsters in the Wild West, She Returns from War is a subtler narrative of veng [...]


    You can find the full review over at The Founding Fields:thefoundingfields/2013/03/This is part of a double review.Shadowhawk reviews two of Angry Robot’s recent releases, one the sequel to a (late) 2012 sterling debut, and the other a brand new novel from an author who has mostly written short fiction to date.On She Returns From War: “I thought it would be tough for Lee Collins to build on the success of his debut, but with this book he has proved me wrong.“On Between Two Thorns: “Two w [...]


    3.5 Stars The Sequel of The Dead of Winter, could just as well be read as a stand-alone. While it is a continuation of the first installment to a degree, it is written mostly from Victoria's point of view. The new main character. We get to meet some of the old cast like G. Townsend and Father Baez and naturally Cora again. There are vampire and other critters , Saloon and Gunfights like in the first book. But actually this one is better. Not as many twist as in the first book and I was never cau [...]


    From 42websHave I ever mentioned I love westerns? I’m pretty sure I have. So when I found The Dead of Winter, the unholy love child of Clint Eastwood and Eric Kripke, I was over the moon. Then I got the sequel. Now I’m exiting the Sol system and heading onward.She Returns from War is the follow up book by Lee Collins staring his female gunslinger Cora Oglesby. The first book talked about Wild West cowboys hunting supernatural monsters and the second book picks up right where that left off.Th [...]

    Casey Hampton

    In this follow-up to The Dead of Winter, Lee Collins gives us a second installment of his "Cora Oglesby" saga. She Returns From War tells the story of Victoria Dawes, an English woman finding her grit in the American WestHere's all you need to know. Lee Collins has improved his writing but not nearly enough to make this tale snap with electricity. Collins does a great job in the early portion of this novel, I mean to say that the wheels don't completely fall off until midway through chapter thre [...]

    Kristin Taggart

    I don't use star ratings, so please read my review!(Description nicked from B&N.)“Four years after the horrific events in Leadville, a young woman from England, Victoria Dawes, sets into motion a series of events that will lead Cora and herself out into the New Mexico desert in pursuit of Anaba, a Navajo witch bent on taking revenge for the atrocities committed against her people.”This book is quite different in tone from its predecessor, and I think this works to its advantage. This tim [...]

    Beth Cato

    I received this eARC from the publisher via NetGalley. This book, a sequel to Dead of Winter, will be released on January 29th, 2013.I read the first book a few months ago, also as an advanced release copy. While not a flawless book by any means--it grated with its reliance on old west cliches--it also brought a fresh paranormal bent to a Colorado pioneer town. The dark fantasy mood was brooding and psychological, and its heroine, Cora was a big part of that. Most urban fantasy-type heroines car [...]


    She Returns From War is a sequel to The Dead of Winter, a book that I have fond memories of. The Dead of Winter is one of the first review copies I requested (and was approved for) and one of the first books reviewed on this blog. Sentimentality aside, it really is a shame it took me so long to read the sequelKES * New characters. Victoria Dawes is a proper English lady who came to ask for Cora Oglesby for help. The clash of Wild West and Old England is described trough Victoria's refreshing poi [...]


    Having loved the first book in the series, The Dead of Winter, I really wanted to enjoy the second. Unfortunately, it neither lives up to its predecessor or the great title.Unlike the first novel, which had a strong and entertaining story- well structured and paced, engaging characters, solid sense of setting- this book seemed to merely go through the motions. In fact, in many ways I felt like it repeated ground that readers had already trod in The Dead of Winter. This is particularly the case w [...]

    S.M. Blooding

    The story that I got was not the story I thought I'd get. I thought I'd be in the head of Cora, the mc from the last book, which to be honest, I haven't read yet. I have, however, been stalking it for awhile. I was like, "Hey, you could jump into book 2 here, and miss all the world building stumbling." Not that every author stumbles in this area. What I got was an English heiress. Once I got over that surprise, and we got out of England, the plot really picked up, but I never did manage to sync [...]


    When we reviewed The Dead of Winter by Lee Collins last Fall, I could hardly wait for the sequel to be published. Cora is one of those characters who just grabs you, and I needed to know what happened to her after she left Leadville. Thankfully Angry Robot didn’t wait a full year to publish She Returns From War, its follow-up. This is a paranormal Western and those are such fun! Although you don’t absolutely to have read The Dead of Winter to enjoy She Returns From War, I strongly recommend [...]


    This is the sequel to The Dead of Winter (which I loved) about a pair of "critter" hunters in the old west. Cora Oglesby (sometimes with husband Ben) hunts vampires and other supernatural creatures. But in the sequel, instead of a dedicated hunter, she is a bitter, older retired hunter, content to run a saloon and drink/gamble her days away. Until genteel British Victoria comes to town, asking Cora to come to England to kill some black dogs/shucks (supernatural dogs) who caused her parents' deat [...]

    Yvonne Boag

    When Victoria Dawes' parents are killed by supernatural means in front of her, she seeks vengeance. She is told that the only person who can help her is a woman living in the New Mexico desert. So Victoria sets sail from England and arrives to find that Cora has retired and wants nothing to do with her quest. When Victoria is attacked by a vampire that Cora has killed five years ago, she makes a deal. Victoria will help Cora with her problem if Cora will help Victoria with hers.This is an epic w [...]


    We begin in a scene straight out of a gothic romance or Universal horror film -- a carriage pursued across the countryside by spectral hounds. But soon enough we (and one of the carriage's occupants, young Victoria Dawes) are in the dusty streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the company of now-retired monster-hunter Clara Oglesby, most reluctant to be cajoled back into the old game.This is a different book than its predecessor -- for one thing, it's told mostly from Victoria's point of view, w [...]

    Matthew Galloway

    The characters in this series, while they may be realistic, are very prickly and not characters that I easily like (but they manage to make it there somehow) so that cuts down on my enjoyment of the books. This, the sequel, was pretty well written and had a lot of interesting plot twists. I enjoy Collins brutal take on vampires and the way he delves into somewhat less common antagonists used in fantasy novels. I look forward to seeing where Collins writing goes next.


    This was an interesting (if you are willing to suspend your belief that a Victorian young woman would travel alone) tale of Vicky and Cora fighting vampires and Indian witchcraft in the Southwest of USA. Tis a quick and tragic tale that feels incomplete, so Vicky may show up in future episodes. Enjoy where appropriate. Read as ARC from NetGallery.

    Tyrannosaurus regina

    Really mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, I appreciate that all three of the main characters are women (and very different women) and the plot was well executed. On the other hand, the new POV voice didn't really gel with me, and the period-accurate but unexamined racism and sexism (it was a little bit rapey) got under my skin.

    Becky Day

    It just didn't work for me. I liked the world enough to maybe read the next book in the series in hopes it improves, though.


    Too many loose ends/questions left unanswered for me.

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