Dec 12, 2019
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A gripping, action packed short story available only as an eBook from a master of character, crime, and urgent suspense Will Trent, a dedicated agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for fifteen years, knows that there s definitely such a thing as a cop s intuition Which is why he should have listened to his own While in an airport restroom at Atlanta s HartsfiA gripping, action packed short story available only as an eBook from a master of character, crime, and urgent suspense Will Trent, a dedicated agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for fifteen years, knows that there s definitely such a thing as a cop s intuition Which is why he should have listened to his own While in an airport restroom at Atlanta s Hartsfield Jackson International, Will overhears a girl s pleading, plaintive voice Please, I wanna go home Something isn t right here, thinks Will He feels it in his gut But he waits too long to act, and now the girl and the anxious, angry man she s with have disappeared into the crowds at the busiest passenger airport in the world After a desperate search and with time running out, Will makes a call to his supervisor, Amanda Wagner Will s partner, Faith Mitchell, immediately sends out an abducted child alert The entire airport will soon be grinding to a halt Almost 100 million passengers a year Five runways Seven concourses Six million square feet of space that sprawled across two counties, three cities, and five jurisdictions All shut down on a dime because Will has a hunch that he is certain is true a girl, maybe six or seven years old, has been snatched from God knows where And he intends to bring her back no matter what it takes Includes an exclusive excerpt from Karin Slaughter s thrilling new novel of suspense, Criminal PRAISE FOR THE CRIME FICTION OF KARIN SLAUGHTER Karin Slaughter is one of the best crime novelists in America The Washington Post Crime fiction at its finest Michael Connelly An absolute master Chicago Tribune Slaughter writes with a razor Better than Cornwell can ever hope to be The Plain Dealer Slaughter will have you on the edge of your seat Seattle Post Intelligencer One of the boldest thriller writers working today Tess Gerritsen Move over, Catherine Coulter Slaughter may be today s top female suspense writer Library Journal starred review

  • Title: Snatched
  • Author: Karin Slaughter
  • ISBN: 9780345538161
  • Page: 136
  • Format: ebook
  • Snatched A gripping action packed short story available only as an eBook from a master of character crime and urgent suspense Will Trent a dedicated agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for fifte


    Okay, so I'll admit that my heart was in my throat while reading this story!Written in third-person with a singular POV, it centered around Special Agent Will Trent's thrilling adventure and investigative search into finding a missing girl who was last spotted at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. ▲ This short story is part of an eight-book series that I haven't read, but it was easy to latch on to the characters and enjoy the ride. Looking forward to reading more from this [...]


    4.5 stars. Although this was a short read, it was still very intense.


    GBI Special Agent Will Trent did something to annoy his boss so he's relegated to monitoring the toilets at the Atlanta airport to trap potential sexual predators. What he inadvertently stumbles upon is a possible child abduction.It may be short but it is riveting. Will races against time to find the little girl whose face he can never forget as he beats himself up for ignoring his first instincts. I enjoyed following him and the team of agents working the situation. There's no fluff or filler a [...]


    It's scary how some people have no regard or compassion for children. This novella is frightening, because I'm sure it happens more than we know. Will is on airport duty looking for sex offenders in the bathrooms. I guess this is a thing? Men go to airport bathrooms in search of a random hookup? I've never noticed this happening in women's bathrooms, and I fly pretty frequently, but maybe it this is common for men. Who knows. This wouldn't be a problem if said hookup didn't happen when anyone, i [...]


    Another action packed read!Slaughter knows how to capture your attention and hold it so tight you forget to breath at times.I can't find if this short story is connected to the next book in the series or not, so I just went with it.It is after all Karin Slaughter, one of my top authors.Snatched is exactly what the title suggest. And Slaughter used it to show us how Will's mind works and of cause to teach us a bit about the Levi’s Call. As always I couldn't get enough.


    Will has pissed Amanda off again He is on "toilet duty" at Atlanta airport. He hears the voice of a young girl. Something is not right but Will gets there too late.Honestly, I didn't get this book. I mean it is not really a progression from the previous books. It is like a filler that Slaughter threw out there to make a bit of money before the release of Criminal.Of course Will is in it so I am not complaining but I hadn't read it, I wouldn't have missed much. Anyway, onwards and upwards to st [...]


    Book (Novella) 5.5 in the Will Trent series by Karin Slaughter. I enjoy this series and decided to read this novella which is only available as an eBook. I have to be honest I am not a big fan of short stories as they often lack depth and are just a little too convenient but this book was a decent read perhaps helped by the fact I was already familiar with some of the characters. Plenty of action and full of suspense that keeps the pages turning rapidly. A decent novel by an excellent author tha [...]

    Freda Malone

    This short story has many good things about it. My favorite being that Angie wasn't in it and Will Trent, the smart man that he is, saves a little girl. If I were ever a little girl lost, I'd want Trent to save me.


    Karin Slaughter. Will Trent. Need I say more? Probably not, but here goes. Snatched is labeled as number 5.5 in the Will Trent Series. Previously available only as an e-short story, I read it as a print supplement to a paperback version of number six, Criminal. GBI Special Agent Will Trent is whiling away the hours playing Minesweeper on his cell phone in one of many men’s restrooms at the Atlanta airport as he sits as bait during his not-so-special assignment for a hair-length regulations inf [...]


    As punishment for not keeping his hair regulation length, Georgia Bureau of Investigations Special Agent Will Trent is stuck in an Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport restroom looking for illicit sexual activity. Bored and ready for a break, a small voice coming from the next stall catches his attention. It is a little girl saying she wants to go home. The man with her is in no mood to listen. Is he her father? Her Grandfather? Will's intuition tells him something is wrong as he fol [...]


    Agent Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was on “restroom duty” at the biggest and busiest airport terminal in the world; he found himself bored enough to have run his phone battery almost flat playing Minesweeper. But when he heard the door open and a plaintive little voice saying she wanted to go home, Will’s cop antennae immediately spiked. Something was very wrong…Suspecting the worst, Will followed the man and the little girl, while all the while arguing with himself [...]


    I didn't know about this novella* until very recently, when I read and reviewed Karin Slaughter's latest novel, Criminal. It's described as #6 in Slaughter's Will Trent series, although given its length and its tangential relationship to the rest of the series, it would probably be more accurate to think of it as #5.5. The action takes place over a day, at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Will Trent has been given an unpleasant assig [...]


    Karin Slaughter's novella "Snatched" hooked me immediately, for two reasons: (1) Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Will Trent was possibly witnessing an attempted child abduction, and (2) The events of the story took place in Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, my home town airport where I've been dozens of times in my life, either flying or meeting people.Will Trent wouldn't have been stuck policing the airport restrooms looking for illicit sexual activities if he ha [...]


    Much too short, of course, as it's a novella. But otherwise perfect


    This novella by Karin Slaughter has restored my faith in the little e-books that a number of popular authors have been writing. Because after reading Second Son by Lee Child and The Seventh Month by Lisa Gardner, I was reluctant to plunk down my $1.99. Not that it was a financial risk to order up Snatched, but it was a risk in my being disappointed in yet another of my favorite authors. I need not have worried. Snatched is a great little story that draws the reader in from the first page, ratche [...]


    This ebook novella by Karin Slaughter is helping to curb my reluctance in reading such additions. The presence of novellas can particularly be felt in many popular series. This series (Will Trent series) is no different. I have usually dodged such novellas but I can't really say why. I think I look at them like they are just a bump in the road that can easily be avoided.I really liked this one though. It was long enough to tell the whole story, yet short enough to squeeze into an hour or so. Act [...]

    Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥

    Short read but pure Karin Slaughter!! Will is on toilet duty . . s, toilet duty! Obviously, he fell out of favor with his boss, Amanda. He's in a stall in a public restroom in the airport when he hears a small voice in the next stall say, "I want to go home." The hairs on the back of Will's neck stand up. A man drags the little girl out of the restroom and Will follows. Is this man her father? Her step-father? Will's gut is screaming at him that something's not right. As I said, this is a short [...]

    Kris - My Novelesque Life

    4 STARS Will Trent is on a sting operation when he spots something amiss between a little girl and man. Thinking that this could be an abduction Will goes with his instinct and runs after the man. As he chases him through the airport Will calls in help from Atlanta Team.I really liked this novella - and not just because of Will Trent but - because there was so much Slaughter's action packed into this small prose. I, of course, wanted more but felt that the story came to a good ending


    Best novella I've read in a while. If this scene at the airport was cuttings on the floor from her novel Criminal then I am grateful someone convinced her to publish these scenes as a short book. I really enjoyed the pace, the dialogue and the usual doubts. Great read.

    Kim Howard

    This is my first sampling of Karin Slaughter and I liked it. For a short story, it grabs you right away and keeps a fast pace. Not knowing any of the characters, I was still engaged with what they were doing. I'm ready to start Triptych! Hurry up library!


    What would you do if you got a funny feeling when you see a child with an adult and you are not sure if they are related. This is what happens to Will Trent. Great short story.

    catje vdw

    klein maar fijn, een aanrader

    Paula Dembeck

    This is a short novella, a long short story that only came out in the ebook and audiobook format. In the sequence of novels in the Will Trent Series, its comes after “Fallen” (number 5) and before “Criminal” (number 6) with some calling it 5.5. I am not completely sold by the novella format as part of a series, however, for those patiently waiting for Slaughter to produce her next book, it does give her readers something to pick up while they wait. The advantage to Slaughter is that many [...]

    Sookie Cullen

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Karin Slaughter!She has done it again!

    Tonya Coleman

    This was a great novella! It kept me interested and I really like Will.


    not bad for a novella. Karin Slaughter is one of my favorite authors. Although it was short, it still gripped me.

    Karima chermiti

    Last year, I was lucky enough to discover the Will Trent series written by the amazing Karin Slaughter and I loved it so much that I read the entire eight books in a matter of a month, I think. But now, I kind of regret my decision because I should’ve savored them more so the wait for another book won’t be an agony. So when this novella became available to me, I couldn’t help myself; I had to read it.The story is about Will Trent trying to find a kidnapped little girl, Abigail who was last [...]

    Elizabeth Moffat

    I saw this short story on offer for Kindle and "snatched" it up, being a big fan of Karin Slaughter's work. I enjoyed the fact that the story itself involves Will Trent, a returning and very intriguing and likeable character in her popular series that began with the novel Triptych. It begins with Will sitting rather miserably in an airport toilet cubicle. He has been assigned toilet duty to apprehend any men meeting up there for (ahem) a good time because he has refused to cut his hair, orders o [...]

    Ebony Thompson

    Will Trent is a great Detective with the GBI who has just stepped into a parent’s worst nightmare. He does his job well and it doesn’t take spidy senses to know something isn’t right with a little girl in a men’s urinal. Especially a little girl who is six or seven and coming into her femininity. Although, Will follows his instincts, he questions himself a little too much, that leads to a little too late to keep the girl in eye sight. When Will loses eye sight of the girl, the chase is o [...]

    Lakis Fourouklas

    For quite some time now I refused to award a book a five star review because simply almost none of the new novels I’ve read this year so far deserved it. Well, my attitude changed when I was fortunate enough to get hold of this novella.Snatched seems to be just one of those special books where not a single word is out of place. And it’s so beautifully written that it takes the reader’s breath away. No I’m not talking about top shelf literary fiction here but for an absolutely thrilling r [...]

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