Dec 12, 2019
The Crimson League
Posted by Victoria Grefer Brad Covey

What would YOU do if you were seventeen, a woodworker s daughter, and your kingdom s sorcerer dictator was determined to see you dead Join Kora Porteg in the kingdom of Herezoth as she aids her homeland s organized resistance Opposing the sorcerer who slew the royal family, Kora soon discovers she s a sorceress herself, as well as the unwitting subject of an old and oftenWhat would YOU do if you were seventeen, a woodworker s daughter, and your kingdom s sorcerer dictator was determined to see you dead Join Kora Porteg in the kingdom of Herezoth as she aids her homeland s organized resistance Opposing the sorcerer who slew the royal family, Kora soon discovers she s a sorceress herself, as well as the unwitting subject of an old and often mocked legend Though she accepts she can have no place in Herezoth after civil war should end, she fights alongside the usurper s sister, a thief, a scholar, two telekinetic brothers, and other members of the group that calls itself the Crimson League As their prospects deteriorate, the League has no choice but to make a final stand against its foe and the army that supports him The Crimson League is the first in a trilogy of novels about Herezoth and its magicked inhabitants, as they struggle to make names for themselves, or simply to survive, against prejudice and evil.

  • Title: The Crimson League
  • Author: Victoria Grefer Brad Covey
  • ISBN: 9781475064483
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Crimson League What would YOU do if you were seventeen a woodworker s daughter and your kingdom s sorcerer dictator was determined to see you dead Join Kora Porteg in the kingdom of Herezoth as she aids her homela

    Jimena Novaro

    I absolutely loved this book. It took me a while to get into it, and I wasn't sure if I would like it at first. The style put me off a little in the beginning, but I really grew to appreciate it. Lately I've been reading fantasy with more subtle magic, so the more overt magic style here took me a while to get used to, but it was really well developed, including boundaries and methods, and by the end I could practically have been casting spells myself. I also liked the incantations used for spell [...]


    I really enjoyed The Crimson League. The story line was fastpaced and riveting. The world the author created was believable and I could picture it clearly. The struggles and oppression of the people in this world was brilliantly written and I could easily feel outrage at their plight.The main character was extremely likeable and I was drawn into her struggle easily. The character discriptions were a bit vague but I like it that way. I enjoy creating a picture in my mind but you may find it frust [...]

    Victoria Gaile

    Too many coincidences & abrupt character changes rather than believable development.

    Megan Broutian

    Review posted on my blog: meganblogs/the-crimson

    John Jr.

    THE CRIMSON LEAGUENovember 26, 2013Review of THE CRIMSON LEAGUE, by Victoria GreferA comprehensive report by John Adams Theibert Jr.Introduction:In writing this review of THE CRIMSON LEAGUE, by Victoria Grefer, as with any review I do, I will be referring to each star of the five-star rating system as individual elements of the story. Each star is divided into two parts, of which each part can receive half a star. The five elements of storytelling (as I see them) are: idea, plot, characters, set [...]

    Michael Eidson

    I’m a sucker for fantasy novels with sorcerers and sorceresses as POV characters. In The Crimson League, the POV character is the sorceress Kora, but because of magic we are made privy to what is happening with other characters, including some that are miles away from Kora, without losing Kora as the POV character. This is genius on the part of the author.When I read how magic works in the world of this novel, I wondered if the author would be able to pull it off in a manner that would allow f [...]


    *SPOILER ALERT*First, this is actually two books in one, so you get your money’s worth. The world is finely crafted and most of the characters stand out as individuals instead of words on a page. Many of the events are fast-paced with there being little filler between them. Every chapter has a purpose for either the main plot or a subplot. I especially liked how a certain character’s death was handled and its effect on the survivors. It really helped lock in the bad guys as dangerous villain [...]

    Nick Turner

    Eleven-year-old Zakry is intensely curious about the world, asking questions, and even listening by the window of a tavern to eavesdrop on men's talk.When he is harshly punished at school for disputing the revised official history, his protective sister, seventeen-year-old Kora, complains bitterly. But in the second year of a sorcerer usurper's rule, men are tortured for questioning authority, and Zakry risks putting his family in danger.This is the first novel in the Herezoth trilogy.Telling of [...]

    Michelle Proulx

    I enjoyed this book, although I do admit I have mixed feelings toward it. I definitely enjoyed the magic system presented in the book — shouting magic words and making awesome things happen is a hallmark of the fantasy genre. I loved the villain, Zalski. I thought he was suave, and clever, and weirdly honourable despite him being totally evil, and if he hadn’t killed so many people I would have wanted him to succeed and become supreme dictator. His motives are very real, very complex, and he [...]

    William Stuart

    The Crimson League opens in a rather grim world where a sorcerer has killed the members of the ruling family and taken control. He uses his magic to exact revenge on the population for opposing magic and those who wield it. The citizens, taxed to poverty, begin to rebel with the aid of The Crimson League. Kora, the main protagonist, discovers she is The Marked One during a journey to a village to trade on the black market. Rescued from capture - or worse - by members of The Crimson League, Kora [...]


    I must start by saying I'm not a vivid Fantasy reader.But to Witness Kora and the Crimson League (a ka-tet in their own right) on their quest to remove the evil dictator of the kingdom Herezoth and reinstate the rightful King was an overall enjoyable reading experience to me.The characters (good or bad) are well described and believable in their emotions and resulting actions. Some twists and turns sustain the pace of the story quite well.The ending is not the happiest of all as the heroes suffe [...]

    Shelly Hammond

    When deciding to read this book, I chose it completely at random out of a selection of Kindle books I'd been collecting over the past few months and adding to my "to-read" list. Within the first chapter or two, I began to see realize that perhaps this random choice was a very good one. By the fourth chapter, I was thrilled! I really enjoyed this book more than I could have imagined!The author created an entire world rich with its own landscapes, characters, and histories. This tale comes to life [...]

    Kevin Hammond

    For me this was a huge book and I wish it had been longer still. the sheer scope and depth of the world the writer created had me up late at night and lounging around all day until I got to the end and even then I didn't want to leave it alonee story is one of struggle and desperation and though there are characters you will love, you come to think of the desperation as never ending; that the struggle for them will never end. I wont give away anything as to how it turns out but that relentless s [...]

    Alecia Miller

    Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The action kept things moving very quickly, but really picked up in the 2nd half. That is when this became one of those "really must put this down and go to sleep now, oh, maybe just a few more pages" kind of books.I do have a couple of criticisms though. 1. I did have a bit of trouble following all of the characters involved so while it pained me to see the league numbers dwindle, it actually allowed me to enjoy the book more with less characters being focus [...]


    This was an excellent book. If I were to compare I would say it is close to Hunger Games. It is a different world one that has magical humans and nonmagical humans against each other. There is a man who has taken over the kingdom who is torturing people and a group called the Crimson League that has decided to rise up against him in order to restore order to the kingdom and place the rightful King in his place. The characters are amazing and really tug at your heart strings. The book didn't end [...]


    This was such an easy book to pick up and become absorbed in. The plot was good and kept you on your toes.I loved the descriptions and characters, they were believable. Lovely writing style with a good balance of thought, descriptions and conversations.I enjoyed the epilogues too.For young teens or adults a great read.I am looking forward to reading the next book in the trilogy.


    I really enjoyed this book and found it difficult to put down. The characters are interesting and well rounded and plenty happens to keep it moving. It is pretty well written. I especially appreciated that it is complete. It seems like so many of the fantasies I read these days end with cliff-hangers, but this one is entire and complete in one volume. Worth the read.

    Meggan Robinson

    Ugh. I tried so hard to like this book, but neither the characters nor the plot were compelling. You know it's lousy when you get all the way to the SECOND epilogue at the end of a very long book and just quit. It sounds like a silly thing, but all of the characters names were so awkward that they never flowed smoothly even in my head -- made it harder to feel comfortable with them.

    Leigh Clemons


    Alissa Chandler

    Boring as hell!!! Put down due to sheer boredom.


    Complex story with lots of good characters. Very enjoyable read

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