Oct 22, 2019
A Woman Unknown
Posted by Frances Brody

A Library Journal Best Book of 2014A winning combination of both intricate plotting and nostalgic post WWI English country setting, Frances Brody s A Woman Unknown will appeal to fans of both classic murder mysteries in the vein of Agatha Christie as well as readers of historical mystery series set in 1920s England, two popular subgenres.The Woman Unknown Deirdre FitzpatrA Library Journal Best Book of 2014A winning combination of both intricate plotting and nostalgic post WWI English country setting, Frances Brody s A Woman Unknown will appeal to fans of both classic murder mysteries in the vein of Agatha Christie as well as readers of historical mystery series set in 1920s England, two popular subgenres.The Woman Unknown Deirdre Fitzpatrick is married to a man who wants to know where she really goes when supposedly taking care of her sick mother and calls on the expertise of Kate Shackleton, amateur sleuth extraordinaire to investigate.The Gentleman Everett Runcie is a banker facing ruin and disgrace His American heiress wife will no longer pay for his mistakes, or tolerate his infidelity, and is seeking a divorce.The Murder When a chambermaid enters Runcie s hotel room, she is shocked to find that he is alone and dead Suddenly Kate is thrown into the depths of an altogether sinister investigation Can she uncover the truth of her most complex, and personal, case to date

  • Title: A Woman Unknown
  • Author: Frances Brody
  • ISBN: 9780749954925
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Woman Unknown A Library Journal Best Book of A winning combination of both intricate plotting and nostalgic post WWI English country setting Frances Brody s A Woman Unknown will appeal to fans of both classic

    Lizzie Hayes

    Kate Shackleton has accidentally become a private investigator. Receiving a telegram at the end of the Great War, informing her that her husband Gerald was ‘missing presumed dead’, Kate decided to try and discover exactly what happened to Gerald. In the course of her investigations she helped others by locating missing loved ones, and so has by reputation, become a private investigator.Approached by Mr Cyril Fitzpatrick who is concerned about his wife Deirdre, and wants to know just where hi [...]


    A good historical mystery, not gory, well detailed, no mystic muppetry. It doesn't bring anything earth shattering to the genre but if you want a straight forward mystery that plays fair with the reader and has competent writing and research I'd recommend it


    A man is found dead in the Metropole hotel in Leeds and Kate Shackleton’s friend and erstwhile lover, Marcus Charles is sent from Scotland Yard to investigate. The dead man is someone with whom Kate is acquainted and his widow asks her to investigate his death for her.Marcus does not seem keen to have Kate involved in the investigation even though she can ask questions and get answers where he might not be able to. Kate also has a case of her own to investigate – Deirdre Fitzpatrick – a yo [...]

    David Gilchrist

    I am rapidly becoming a fan of the author. This outing is set mainly in 1920,s Leeds, all the descriptions are very accurate. Kate Shackleton PI is is investigating a murder at the Hotel Metropole and a disappearing women, plenty of twists and the culprit is not known until the last chapters. Her sidekick Sykes is playing his part in full. Plenty of historical detail, the Jowett motor car manufactured in Bradford and others facts that are correct. I look forward to her next book.

    Kimberly Ann

    Kate Shackleton & Sykes are hired to keep an eye on a previous "client". Although she is no longer shoplifting Deidre Fitzwilliam is exhibiting suspicious behavior, disappearing off & on and being seen in the company of other men, all seeking incontestable divorces from their wives.The last man she was seen with, was found dead in the hotel room they shared, but as she had been passed out, she remembered nothing.The mistress of the dead man was shot in the arm, the photographer helping K [...]

    Nancy Reynolds

    I totally enjoyed this latest in the Kate Shackleton mysteries. My biggest complaint: Since I came to the series as it was being started, I've had to wait patiently (or NOT so patiently) between each book. And now that I've finished the latest, I will have to once again wait, like everyone else, for the newest book to be released. Woe is me. But all that aside, I enjoyed that Kate was able to show Marcus up and get to solve the mystery before Scotland Yard. Way to go, Kate. I love the period set [...]


    How could I not love Kate more and more. This book is about a mystery woman who worked to free herself and another aristocratic woman who lost a husband to another woman. There were few murders and Kate was in action with Marcus Charles. I noticed the ups and downs in Kate and Marcus relationship. Honestly, I don't think she was ready for a commitment other than works. Marcus could be a pompous police officer at times; and Kate hates it when he did. Who was better from the other? It would defini [...]

    Eirwen Powditch-remick

    So far very disappointed as was expecting the early 20th century speech clothing atmosphere to be captured better. Will finish as I started and to give author fair chance. Picked up as I needed something light for a journey. To be fair I do enjoy period fiction (Conan Doyle, Somerset Maughm) so my expectations of period authenticity are demanding perhaps . I do think more effort could go into such research of this era. Post WW1 etc. The concept of a woman detective in this period being so origin [...]


    I love this series, set in Yorkshire in the 20s, it features private detective Kate Shackleton and her sidekick, Sykes. The story telling, the mystery, the characters are spot on, but what really adds the cherry to the cake for me is the excellent world building. This is built up of little details that never interfere with the story but only add to it; superb.I have already pre-ordered the next in the series which comes out in October and look forward to it keenly.

    Jan Duthie

    Always a good read. I'm enjoying the series which are well written and have complicated plots. Having Kate become a detective in the period just after W.W1 was an inspired idea and throughout the series she shows the many aspects of women's' lives at that period in time. I'm looking forward to the next one.


    Kate Shakleton mysteries are always fun---and this one is no exception. The author's plotting skills are improving with each book. We had several "murders" for Kate to investigate, and some intricate relationships to untangle!I think the libraries in the US are way behind in this series so will have to wait to read the next books!


    Fans of the 1920s English countryside, manners and class, strong, smart women will enjoy this series featuring Kate Shackleton, an enterprising sleuth who solves mysteries in spite of cultural strictures that might keep another woman "in her place."

    Susan Oleksiw

    This is my first Kate Shackleton mystery, thought it's the fourth in the series. I enjoyed meeting Kate and her various families (birth and adoptive) and her former beau, and learning about her earlier life. Set in the years soon after World War I, Kate has taken up detective work. She has been asked by a man to find out what his wife has been up to. He seems devoted to her, but concerned that things are not on the up and up. Kate does undertake the commission, and soon thereafter is asked by a [...]


    Still so glad my grandma lent me these books. Although she didn't have the third I moved onto the fourth and I have to say it was the best yet. I still think we need to see less of Marcus, he is definitely not as nice as the first time we met him, but see more of Mr Sykes and Mrs sugden. These books are really well written and I often find myself feeling as though I am there following Kate around. I like the things that you find out about her past and I think it might not be as clear cut as the [...]


    This plot kept my attention and I did wonder who would be alive, and still married, at the end of the book. Readers younger than 7 decades need to know that divorce in the 1920s England (and elsewhere) was not easy to obtain; it was still considered scandalous, and for some reason, divorced women (but not men) were seen as predators or certainly as women for women to be wary of--husband stealers!The plot arises out of such a situation and so is not outlandish, but in some respects poignant for t [...]

    Valerie Andrews

    Kate Shackleton is hired to find a wife who goes missing periodically and finds herself involved in a murder investigation when the missing wife is connected to a wealthy banker's death. Things are complicated by the wife's brother (an American gangster), the banker's long-time lover (who is not his wife) and the Scotland Yard investigator (Kate's ex-lover).Kate's life is never simple. Her recently-discovered sister wants to move in with her temporarily, her beloved car is on its last legs, and [...]


    My enthusiasm for this series is waning. After the first book, I thought I had stumbled on another Maisie Dobbs, but that was not to be. Having now read the fist four books, I think I am done, or at the very least, I am taking a break. In this book the characters seemed to get lost at times and Kate's character seems to stall. I also find the relationship with her birth mother problematical. Even though Kate still regards her adoptive mother as her real mother, I can see where this is going. And [...]

    Anna Bergmark

    The one off/one on pattern continues, and this one is definitely "on".Some of the characters are quite fun, like the valkyrian mistress, the pathetic husband and the enigmatic missing woman. And thank heavens she's lost! Looking for her doesn't only provide us with a healthy break from the obligatory murder hunt, it's actually more interesting and intriguing then said activity as well!Now this book doesn't bring anything new into the genre, far from it, but between a bit of humour and charm and [...]

    Valerie Tate

    This is the fourth book in this series but the first that I've read. Since I haven't read the first three, I would have liked descriptions of the main characters and a little more backstory about the relationships between them. The plot was well constructed with a number of likely suspects and a satisfactory conclusion.

    Nancy Wilson

    Another every entertaining book in this growing series. Kate shows up the Chief Inspector (and resident sexist) Marcus Charles and solves several different crimes. And it seems that her MIA husband situation is resolved. Another good read.


    Frances Brody is an excellent storyteller. Deirdre Fitzpatrick is married to a man who wants to know where she really goes when supposedly taking care of her sick mother. So he asks Kate Shackleton to investigate. If you like mystery and intrigue you will like this book.

    Sylvia Dugan

    This is the first Kate Shackleton mystery in the series by Frances Brody that I've read. I enjoyed the story and her activities with the police detective (and former lover) as they unraveled the crime. I plan to get the earlier books in the series to get to know Kate Shackleton a bit more.


    Post WWI in England, Shackleton is a female investigator. Not a bad mystery, but little long, I thought.

    Julie Malcolm

    A gently paced, period murder mystery. Not an exciting read but kept my interest.


    Great mysteryIf you love a great English mystery, with lots of realistic characters and set just after WWI, this is the series for you.

    Diane Heath

    Shoplifting,multiple murders, intriguea well done book

    Meg Lynch

    Fun period piece.

    Annabelle Solt

    Kate Shackleton is a private investigator in the English countryside in the 1920's. She and her assistant, Mr. Sykes, dig into and solve interesting cases. This series is very entertaining.


    I really enjoy this series. A good solid mystery. It's fun to see Kate show up the male police who refuse to let her assist in the investigation.


    3.5 - I haven't read the previous three books in this series, but I was easily able to absorb myself in Kate Shackleton's story. I'd recommend this to those who enjoy the Maisie Dobbs series.

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