May 30, 2020
Play Him Again
Posted by JeffreyStone

It s the Roaring Twenties but silence remains golden for Hollywood Sound is expensive Only two studios have installed sound equipment Matt Hudson, the preferred bootlegger of the film industry, wants to produce a talking picture but neither sound studio will lease him their facilities After Hud s oldest friend, con man Danny Kincaid, dupes a gangster who controls a smaIt s the Roaring Twenties but silence remains golden for Hollywood Sound is expensive Only two studios have installed sound equipment Matt Hudson, the preferred bootlegger of the film industry, wants to produce a talking picture but neither sound studio will lease him their facilities After Hud s oldest friend, con man Danny Kincaid, dupes a gangster who controls a small movie studio into buying a bogus sound device, the gangster gets wise and Danny ends up dead To settle the score, Hud runs another con to play the gangster again A con that will either avenge Danny and land Hud a studio, or get him killed.

  • Title: Play Him Again
  • Author: JeffreyStone
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  • Page: 254
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Play Him Again It s the Roaring Twenties but silence remains golden for Hollywood Sound is expensive Only two studios have installed sound equipment Matt Hudson the preferred bootlegger of the film industry wants


    Matt "Hud" Hudson is the rumrunner to the stars. He brings it in from the ships outside legal limits and distributes it himself with his own trucking company. He is also one who deals only in the good stuff and doesn't water it down like other rumrunners. He knows Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks and other movie stars.He even has aspirations of his own in that line. It's in the early days of sound on film and most of the studios think talking pictures are a fad that will fade. What they're really w [...]


    Set in the roaring twenties and blending Hollywood’s glitz with Chicago’s gangsters, Jeffrey Stone’s Play Him Again follows the long con, the short con and the actor’s conning skills in a tale of mystery, revenge and movie-making history. A masterful opening scene orients and disorients the reader beautifully, leading into a world of ships, movies and alcohol, where the law is bent gently and bodies break for vengeance. Prohibition rules the law courts and community rules the waves. But [...]


    When I received the synopsis of this book and a request for a review I was intrigued. Jeffrey Stone’s request was unusual enough in itself to tell me that anything he had written could be good. Hi, Jo, how are you? My name is Jeffrey. I liked your comment about needing instructions to survive in Queensland. I was raised in Youngstown, Ohio in the U.S. It’s about 800 miles from Chicago, a notorious gangland town commonly known as The Windy City. Youngstown was referred to as Little Chicago be [...]


    Great Stuff! Play Him Again by Jeffrey Stone is a feast for anyone interested in the history of movies, prohibition, gangsters, grifters and bootleggers. In Jeff's noire tale, he takes us back to the 1920s when cops were paid to keep a blind eye to rum running and the disbursement of alcohol which fueled many late night Hollywood parties. Hud is a first rate bootlegger to the stars as prohibition is in its upswing, and with prohibition, gangsters and crooks vie for territories to earn their live [...]

    Barbara Mitchell

    I was offered this ebook by the author and, although I rarely do so, I accepted. The synopsis appealed to me because it is set in 1928 Los Angeles and the hero is a rumrunner and would-be producer of talking movies. While I was reading the book, I just happened to see a program on TV about this era in L.A. which showed what's left of some of the speakeasies and tunnels where the booze was kept. The mayor and much of the police force ran the racket so the mob never took over as happened in Chicag [...]


    Set in California in the Roaring 20's when silent movies are the rage and producing talkies is just too expensive. Only two studios even have equipment to add the sound and they don't want to share even with their favorite bootlegger, Matt Hudson. His dream is to make a film with actors actually talking and rake in the dough. His oldest friend in the world, con man Danny Kincaid, tries to use the talkie gold mine angle to his favor with a Chicago mobster fresh to California. Sadly he ends up dea [...]

    March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room

    Review of Play Him Again by Jeffrey Stone5 StarsA delightful peek into the backdrop of a long-lost era, the United States (and Canada) in the 1920’s-the era of rum-running and Prohibition, speakeasies and con artists, semi-organised crime and film studios, “The Jazz Singer” with Al Jolson. Talking films were just about to get off the ground, but studios had so much investment in silents that it was an uphill battle. The Volstead Act purportedly kept alcohol away from citizens; instead it s [...]


    The Roaring 20's are alive and well! As a fan of American History, I was eager to read a book focused on the 1920's. Prohibition, gangsters, bootleggers- it's all here, along with Hollywood and movies!This book delivers exactly what it promises! Matt Hudson (Hud) is a bootlegger looking toward the future. His personal fascination is talking movies! This book goes into detail about the history of early filmmaking. This was all new to me- I love learning new things when I read a book!This gave the [...]

    Cheryl M-M

    While I can understand the authors love of history when it comes to the film industry I think he managed to split the book in two due to that love. It is as if he couldn't decide which area or storyline to focus on more and/or felt the necessity to purge himself of the knowledge on early film technology.Don't get me wrong both storylines were interesting, they just didn't gel well together, because one overpowered the other. In the beginning and especially at the end the crime story is predomina [...]


    Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    Anabelle Bernard Fournier

    Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author.It’s the Roaring 20s in Hollywood. A murder that is made to look like a suicide. A long con involving talking movies. Matthew Hudson, rumrunner to the stars and friend to the victim, will stop at nothing to find out who killed Danny, to protect his bootlegging business, and to produce talking movies.The conflict is set up well enough: the novel begins with Danny’s slow descent into the Pacific, in a car he can’t escape. Seawat [...]

    So, I Read This Book Today

    Note: I was originally asked by the writer to review this book, and received a copy for free. Before I was halfway through, I went back to Smashwords and purchased the book. This great a read deserves a payment to the author!I am not normally a student of American History. While the great histories of Egypt and the Mesopotamian regions are well within my purview, possibly my Native American history makes the history of the US after the arrival of the white man more painful than I care to think a [...]

    Lakis Fourouklas

    Play Him Again by Jeffrey Stone is a novel that doubles as a crime story and a movie industry history.The events take place in the late 1920’s in Los Angeles. The prohibition is in place and the bootleggers make tons of money by supplying booze to the people who can afford it. One of the aforementioned men is Matt Hudson, a street-wise guy, who does big business with the movie crowd and who dreams of shooting the first all-talking-picture ever.Before doing that though he has to solve a murder. [...]

    Diana Hockley

    When I first saw the cover of this novel, I expected nothing less than wild scenes of mayhem - something akin to the movie, The Cotton Club - but I was surprised and delighted to get so much more. The history associated with the time was interesting, if a little long, thereby drawing my focus away from the main plot. However, where the scam is explained my interest was held.The story opens with the horrific murder by drowning of Danny Kincaid, conman extraordinaire, who manipulates the wrong per [...]


    The author of this book sent me a copy with a request for a review.Let me run this down really quick:Story: OutstandingStorytelling: OutstandingCharacterization: OutstandingScene and setting: OutstandingDid I love this book? I could hardly put it down. Los Angeles in the 1920s, rum runners, grifters and con artists, mob men, blackmail, murder, hijacking on both land and sea, silent movie stars and a movie industry reluctant to embrace "talkies" - this book has it all. Not only did I learn a lot [...]


    The prologue had me hooked! What happened to Danny and why? Taking place in the prohibition era, AKA the Roaring Twenties, this book takes on the feel of a film noire and mob crime thriller. With revenge, hijackings, cons and of course, alcohol, this book was filled with action. The ending was wonderful! Well not so much for some people in the book. I was given the synopsis and the book by the author, and I must say, this book opened up a new genre for me. The Author does a great job of setting [...]

    Viviane Crystal

    Matt Hudson is running two gigs. First he's an alcohol runner or bootlegger and second his chief fascination, indeed obsession, is the future of movies made with sound. Such is the focus of this very informative and enlightening story.To begin with, those who run alcohol under Prohibition in the 1920s do so with great duress. A runner might be caught by the police but even worse are other thug runners who are now attacking bootlegger ships with firearms. It's a risky business and it's Matt and t [...]

    Diane Rapp

    Fascinating story about the "roaring twenties" in L.A.I won’t rehash the storyline as other reviewers already did a creditable job. I will say that I enjoyed reading a “roaring twenties novel” that took place in California instead of New York. Having lived in L.A. and Santa Barbara, the descriptions of real places made the story come alive for me. I once took the ferry to Catalina and toured the building that hopped to big band music and illegal hooch in the twenties. The author provided m [...]

    Jennifer Defoy

    I really enjoyed this book. Right from the beginning of the book there was so much going on that it just pulled me into the story. I just had to know what was going to happen next. How was Hud going to figure out what happened to Danny without getting himself hurt in the process. It was so exciting.Even though Hud wasn’t a great guy I still liked him. Trying to figure out what he was going to do next was an exciting adventure. He had a way of thinking about things that I didn’t really unders [...]


    Play Him Again is the first book in the Matt Hudson series by Jeffrey Stone. The Roaring Twenties are my favorite era. I really wish I lived during that time to experience silent films, the social culture, the use of automobiles and telephones. Who wouldn't want to live during the Motion Picture/Jazz Age? So when the author contacted me for a possible review, I made room in my reading schedule to read Play Him Again before the new year.Silence was golden in Hollywood during the Roaring Twenties. [...]


    Take a step back in time to the era of the Roaring Twenties just as change is coming to the movie industry and a rumrunner wants in on the action.Matt ‘Hud’ Hudson is the premier bootlegger to the stars and the movie industry bigwigs. Silent movies are still popular but Hud sees ‘talkies’ as where things are going. He shares his dream of making a ‘talkie’ with his best friend, Danny Kincaid, a con man.Kincaid gets the idea to run a con on Frank Minnetti, a Chicago gangster recently r [...]


    Original review posted at A Date with a BookI was provided a copy of this book by the author for my honest review. When I received the request, I read and thought the synopsis for a while before accepting the request. I’m glad I chose the book. I think the cover is fitting for the story, as well as the title.A lot is going on in this book. It’s not a quick read, but it is a page turner. Absorb all of the information you can when you read about the bootlegging and rumrunning, and the silent a [...]

    Nardsbaby Reader

    Confidence GamePLAY HIM AGAIN by Jeffrey Stone is about a bootlegger, Matthew 'Hud' Hudson. Hud's reputation as a rumrunner has made him the most sought out in his trade as his liquor is uncut. Not your run of the mill bootlegger, Hud owns his own trucks and sells his liquor to hotels, restaurants and Hollywood. While Hud is making a very nice living, Hud has big dreams. He's hoping to convince one of the studios to let him make a movie with sound. All of the majors believe that silent movies wi [...]

    Benjamin Thomas

    There I was minding my own business, when out of the blue I offered the opportunity to read a book by an author I had never heard of. Jeffrey Stone knew I had just read and been blown away by the latest Dennis Lehane novel, Live by Night, coincidentally also a book about mobsters during prohibition. What he didn't know is that I am also a fan of the early movie industry in California and have also recently watched the last Academy Award winning movie for best picture, "The Artist".So this novel [...]

    Teressa Morris

    Play Him Again (A Matt Hudson Novel) was a nice change of pace for me. I enjoy a good thriller, but I had never read a historical thriller before. The book is set in the roaring twenties, and the dialogue in it contains much of the flapper/gangster slang of the time, without making the book a caricature. Phrases like "hope is for spinsters and stock speculators", "two-bit whore" and "not that you don't look like a sweet patootie, or however a Sheik refers to his Sheba this week" along with the r [...]


    This book gave an inside view of the bootlegger scene during Prohibition. It was sort of interesting to see how the main character justified all types of illegal behavior, but then had a very strict code about what he viewed as wrong. I appreciated Matt's loyalty to his childhood friend, but there was little else that I saw as admirable about him. There was a lot of information about the film industry of the times and the transition from silent movies to talkies, which was interesting, so that p [...]

    Julie Powell

    I will be honest and say that I don't usually read this kind of book but the author asked me if I would, and overall it was good and well written.The first scene is excellent - action, thoughts and feelings - a great start to the story (and I have to say that's why I continued reading as my list is long). The characters are strong and realistic and the storyline has a sound basis. The author also asks about history v story and I would say be careful on the history - if it comes out through the p [...]

    Victoria Allman

    Jeffrey Stone has done what most authors strive for and only a few obtain. He transported me to another place, the 1920's Prohibition-era, with his well-researched and well-told story of a rum-rummer in LA. There is no doubt of Stone's love of hard-boiled crime stories and his thorough knowledge of the Hollywood era, bootlegging, and, boating.It only took a few chapters for me to be sucked into this intriguing world and feel like I were watching a black and white Bogie and Becall drama playing o [...]

    Erin O'Riordan

    'Play Him Again' is an intriguing old-style crime novel set in Prohibition-era Los Angeles. Bootlegger Matthew "Hud" Hudson searches for the killer of his friend Danny. The fast-paced novel captures some of the glamour of Old Hollywood in the days when "talkies" were a novel new idea. Even more so, it captures the grit of Old Hollywood as frontier town where a ragtag amalgam of mobsters and studio heads played fast and loose with the law. As a nice bonus, author Stone seems to know quite a lot a [...]

    J. Ewbank

    Tis was a good mystery by Stone. I enjoyed reading it because the main characters were believable and the plot was well done. I can see more coming.J. Robert Ewbank author "Wesley's Wars" and "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the 'Isms"

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