Oct 22, 2019
Fatal Heat
Posted by Lisa Marie Rice

Former Navy SEAL Max Wright is out of the SEAL Teams forever after being almost killed by an Afghani RPG He retreats to his former XO s beach house to lick his wounds He wants to snarl at the world but finds it hard to snarl at his new neighbor, his XO s beautiful goddaughter, Paige Waring, who also comes with a ridiculously likable, totally undisciplined dog.As a plantFormer Navy SEAL Max Wright is out of the SEAL Teams forever after being almost killed by an Afghani RPG He retreats to his former XO s beach house to lick his wounds He wants to snarl at the world but finds it hard to snarl at his new neighbor, his XO s beautiful goddaughter, Paige Waring, who also comes with a ridiculously likable, totally undisciplined dog.As a plant geneticist, Paige has always been focused on her work, but when she and her dog run into Max, she recognizes the lonely, shattered man behind the rugged exterior To her mind, sexiness always comes with a white lab coat, not with acres of tanned muscle and a tough mind set.When Paige s work becomes the target of criminals and she s abducted, Max springs into action Though still terribly wounded, this tough as nails SEAL goes on his last mission stopping at nothing to save the woman he loves.

  • Title: Fatal Heat
  • Author: Lisa Marie Rice
  • ISBN: 9780062115201
  • Page: 227
  • Format: ebook
  • Fatal Heat Former Navy SEAL Max Wright is out of the SEAL Teams forever after being almost killed by an Afghani RPG He retreats to his former XO s beach house to lick his wounds He wants to snarl at the world bu


    4.25/5Paige and her funny, hyperactive dog—hell, yes, they were worth fighting for.Yes, please! Just give me Max and I will never ask for more!This was much better than my expectations. Lisa Marie Rice has delivered another winner with Fatal Heat, a scorching hot, engrossing, and action-packed short story. The author did a great job of mixing romance and heart-pounding action and I was pleasantly surprised by how good the book was.Max Wright is my real hero. He's smart, strong, brave, determin [...]


    BEFORE WAS DARKNESS AND SOLITUDE. AFTER WAS WARMTH AND LIGHTMax is at the beach, recuperating from an injury. Paige lives in the house next door.Bought this book a while back, must have been going through a Lisa Marie Rice phase – I see I paid nearly four bucks for it which is kind of a rip of as it is quite short. It is down to $2.05 now. I liked it. I like her heros, they are usually tough, grough, injured guys. Heroines are usually dainty, intelligent women. It works.Fairly quick attraction [...]


    It pains me to say thisbut this is not one of LMR's best. It started out really good, in typical LMR fashion. Our hero, injured SEAL Max Wright, is recuperating at a California beach house (belonging to his commanding officer) from injuries that nearly took his life and left him with a mangled leg. Next door to him lives a pretty plant geneticist (Paige Waring, who just happens to be the god daughter of Max's CO). The relationship starts out with Paige offering Max some cookies, then develops fu [...]

    Laura V.

    ¿Viste cuando querés leer algo corto porque estás ajustada de tiempo, lo encontrás, lo empezás a leer y luego revisas tu biblioteca digital y encontrás otro libro que es más corto y lo empezás también y luego te fijas y ¡milagro! tenés un libro más corto que el anterior que estabas leyendo y lo terminas leyendo? Bueno, así. Este vendría a ser el libro n° 2 que no debería haber leído pero who cares. Está hecho. Lo mejor de este libro: Max, el perro.


    Ninety-four pages and I enjoyed every page. There were actually three main "characters" in this little story. Paige Waring, Maxwell Wright, and Maximilian. :-) Paige was a plant geneticist and worked for a company called GenPlant Laboratories. Max was a former SEAL recovering from a very bad mission that ultimately forced him out of the military. Max (the four legged) was an 8-month old adorable addition to the tale and played a key role. This story could have easily been expanded. At the end th [...]


    Story Rating 4 starsCharacter Rating 5 starsRomance Rating 5 starsHeat Level 4 starsAction 4 starsOverall Rating 4 starsFor a short story I must say for me it was a VERY good read. I was kept interested all the way through.Loved the H&h, plus the dog, hahahaha.Lot's of nail biting action too.The love scenes were hot and sensual.The only thing I could have wanted was for this story to be full length. It definitely had the bones to do it.


    Como pueden notar me estoy dando un maraton leyendo todos los libros que encuentro de Lisa Marie Rice, creo que fatal Heart es el cuarto que leo esta semana, no puedo evitarlo, me encantan las historias de esta autora y si ademas le añades un protagonista SEAL, se convierte en un must read para mi.Fatal Heart narra la historia de Max, un ex-SEAL y Paige, una cientifica. Tenia ganas de leer una novela entretenida pero que no fuera demasiado larga, solo por una tarde mas o menos y este libro fue [...]


    3 1/2 stars (rounded up to 4 stars because I loved Max, the dog - not that I'd kick Human Max out of bed for eating crackers, I must say)


    Fatal Heat is A Navy SEAL Novella. Starts with the hero working out and the neighbor bringing him cookies. Max was injured in the line of duty and is staying at his CO's beach apartment. He meets his neighbor, Paige, and is instantly attracted. Since this is a novella the story was forced to speed things up and they connect in one day. Still it was exciting and entertaining. I just wish it had about another 50 pages or so added to get to know the characters more.

    Lynsey A

    Good story, abrupt ending. Definitely wanted more of an epilogue. Loved how driven Max was to get to Paige. He fought the pain and won. I even had to smile a little when they collapsed after the rescue because neither ones legs would hold them. Cute.

    Mandi Schreiner

    Former SEAL Max Wright is still recovering from a devastating RPG attack. Spending a long time in a rehab facility to regain the use of his leg, he can now walk, but it is painful and slow. His commander has given him use of a beach house to relax, and further recuperate. Physically he is exhausted, but mentally he is still reeling from the fact he is no longer a SEAL and what that means for his future. Let’s just say Max is not in a very good mood.His next door neighbor happens to be the god [...]


    2.5/5 stars, Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsMax is on leave to recuperate from a devastating injury on a mission that left him needing major surgery to save his leg, and a long road of recovery ahead of him. Max didn’t accept his diagnosis that he’d never walk again, and worked hard to prove all the doctors wrong. He’s moved into a beach house to continue his rehab, at least the physical recovery. He’s in a very dark place mentally, knowing that he’ll never be able to go out [...]

    ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)

    Oh, Lisa Marie Rice has got my number!When I went to the supermarket on Monday I just happened to stop by the book section becausewell, I don't need a reason. I just love books. I expected to see the new Lori Foster and was thinking about getting it when my eyes wandered and. There. It. Was. A Lisa Marie Rice book. A new one that I hadn't even known was being released. And it was three novellas! Oh, happy day!!First up was Max and Paige's story, Fatal Heat. Max is at his commanding officer's bea [...]


    Though just a short novella, this is typical Lisa Marie Rice. Though I don't think I could read a steady diet of her books, they are very fine. Her heroes are very protective, very alpha types, the kind of hero who would do anything for their women. And Max Wright is like all her heroes. Severely injured in his last mission, former SEAL Max is recuperating by the ocean at the home of his former CO. He is mourning his former life since even if he does recover most of the use of his leg, he will n [...]


    4.0 RATING- Spending the morning reading a LMR story is like hanging out with an old friend, it just never gets old and feels good. As a lover of LMR I can't believe I didn't read this novella story earlier but it was so great to have something left from this author to read. I loved both characters, especially Max, and loved the dog too! A great fun read. Just wish it was longer! Note: At the time this review was posted, this book was available to borrow through SCRIBD Subcription Service.To see [...]

    Anne OK

    A surprisingly heart-tugging story. While recovering from career-ending injuries, Navy Seal Max meets Paige, a female scientist and her dog, named Max. There's an immediate attraction and sparks begin to fly between the two when Paige is kidnapped and held hostage on an island. Both dog and SEAL work together to find and rescue her. Lisa Marie Rice has written this short novella extremely well. The pain and suffering Max goes through in his recovery is so touching and tears at your heart. The re [...]


    This is not only a review but also a rant! I liked that the hero is not perfect but disabled, I liked that the sex scenes are not cut-and-paste from other LMR's books. BUT the ending? Seriously? (view spoiler)[The hero frees the heroine, and bam, epilogue one year latter! So I hoped there'd be something, but nothing about what happened just after they fall together because he had burnt all his energy and she had been beaten. It's like nothing happened at all. (hide spoiler)] It's frustrating!


    Typical for an LMR book and that ain't bad! Max was great, the man and the dog both! Paige was beautiful, compassionate and smart. Max, the man, had it bad for Paige. They fell into bed and then right into love. Ring any bells? I only wished it was longerFinished 10.8.11, date cleared so it doesn't count in reading challenge total.

    Kaylea Cross

    I am so excited to read this one! And it's priced so well I can't pass it up, despite how I've not read her recent titles because the Kindle pricing is just outrageous. Love LMR's yummy heroes.


    A typical great Lisa Marie Rice book. Honestly, there's not a lot of writers who can write alpha males like she does. They are always tough, strong and dominant, but never jerks, which I just love.


    Joint Review with Has and Lou originally posted here: thebookpushers/2011/11/07/Has: I am a huge fan of Lisa Marie Rice, although I do find her books tend to be a bit formulaic, I do love her alpha heroes who never cross the line top alphaholeville. I also love the fact, that her romances are intense emotionally and they are very comfy to get sucked into. Fatal Heat lived up to that.Lou: I don’t think I’ve read a Lisa Marie Rice novel before (my memory is terrible), but after this I know I [...]


    Great short story.

    Literariamente Obsesionada

    (Explícito) Bonita, tierna y divertida historia de amor. Me encantan los dos Max que aparecen en la lectura. Corto, con final feliz.

    Sandy M

    I always love heroes written by Lisa Marie Rice. Give me a hero like Max Wright, alpha, determined, strong, but still tender and gentle, and I’m a very happy reader. It then follows she’ll also create the perfect heroine for such a man. Storyline is secondary for me, as is villain – hell, everything else, though she usually gives me something I can sink my teeth into. But it’s all about the hero for me.Max is a former SEAL, severely wounded in Afghanistan. Taking a former commander’s o [...]

    Lynn Spencer

    This is one of those novellas that probably shouldn't work and yet somehow the author made it a wonderful read. Lisa Marie Rice has a talent for writing very alpha heroes and big dramatic stories without making it all seem cartoonish. That's certainly the case in Fatal Heat and for the most part, I loved reading this.Max Wright, the hero, sustained serious injuries in Afghanistan and as a result, has had to leave the Navy SEALs. Between his injuries and the loss of his Navy career, he's somewhat [...]


    I spent four years in the US Air Force and my husband is currently serving as well. I like to read books that have military themes in them every now and then as long as I feel like it is authentic. I think that this is my first real military romance story though. I really enjoyed it. I liked the military aspects of the novel and I found them to be honest and authentic. I did not find them to be overwhelming to the point that the details were a novelty, and I will admit that I was worried that wo [...]


    My enjoyment of this was somewhat hampered by a misprint. Unfortunately, it languished in Mt TBR for so long, I forgot where I acquired it and obviously missed the window of opportunity to get it replaced. All the pages were there, mind you; just not exactly in the order they were supposed to be read. Also, it has excerpts from three books in the Protectors series, so is not as long as listed.So our h is the next door neighbor of the H's XC - sort of. It's a vacation home. Also, she's his god da [...]


    FATAL HEAT by Lisa Marie Rice is an exciting erotic romantic suspense. It is not just another sexy Navy Seal Novella,it is also fast paced,full of love,romance,sex,did I mention sex,an sexy,ex-wounded Navy Seal and a beautiful,sexy woman in a white lab coat. It is the story of Paige Waring and Maxwell Wright."Fatal Heat" is the story of love,a wounded Navy Seal finding true love and this ex- Seal's last mission to save the women he has fallen in lust with and did I mention Max the dog. What a de [...]

    Katie Michaels

    Max nearly lost his leg on a mission in Afghanistan. He is recovering better than anyone expected, but his life as a Navy SEAL is over. He doesn't know what kind of future he has. He certainly never expects to meet someone like Paige. The beautiful scientist lives next door to the beach house where he is recovering. And they hit it off right away.Paige helps awaken things in Max he has long thought dead. Happiness is finally within his reach, until Paige is kidnapped. Now Max much push himself h [...]


    This was a really nice book. I really enjoyed it for a novella. It had everything I enjoy in my suspense romance novels,and it got wrapped up very nicely. I especially liked how this story showed the struggles our warriors go through that we don't see, the wounded ones that come back broken and will never be completely whole again. This is especially hard on warriors like Max who all he ever wanted to be was a SEAL,now that he is permanently maimed what's he to do for his livelihood? I loved how [...]

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